Thursday Three – Giving thanks for blogging

Nope these dogs have nothing to do with blogging, they’re just funny.

You might know that today is Thanksgiving. As such, I’ve been spewing my thanks all over. texts,  emails, Facebook posts, you get the idea. There’s more to come tomorrow too. What can I say, I’m a thankful everyday kind of girl!

I thought I’d take a moment to give thanks to blogging. specifically the following items:

1. The people. Great friends, fun people, a few foes that have made me think, those people who I see the IP address of, you know, every last one of you. Including that guy I married. Yep, met him blogging.

2. Some serious tech/design skills. Nope I’m not good by any measure, but I’m much further along than I was. I’ve learned so much and occasionally I geek out when I’m asked a simple question, but I love it.

3. A place to get out my words. There are so many words and ideas floating around my brain! It’s an awesome outlet to get them out so I don’t verbally vomit on the guy I married everyone.

There’s more, but I’m sleepy. Tell me about why you’re thankful. It can be about blogging or not. Whatever’s clever.

Sweet dreams, goodnight

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to Thursday Three – Giving thanks for blogging

  1. Happy belated Thanksgiving!!! xoxoxo

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