Things that made me smile. Week 47, 2013

I’m back at it, listing out the things from the past week that made me smile. It’s important to remember the things that are good to help ease the sting of the bad. (If you ask me, and since you’re reading my blog, it’s almost like you did ask.)

What can I say? Some weeks are better than others and I’d like to have reminders of the good for when it’s not so good. I re read that statement and it makes me feel like I’m implying that life isn’t good. It is. (Knockonwood!) I just want to make sure I’m documenting the moments that shine for me.

In no particular order:

  • Good work and presentations
  • Dinner and a visit with BatGirl
  • Being brave
  • A really good run
  • Agreeable private swim lesson people
  • Bones and Psych on Netflix
  • Hugs from that guy I Like
  • Court is Crafty wear spreading through the area
  • A boss I can chat with in the car for three hours
  • Original Sin Pear cider

Doing Things Differently recap:

Earlier bed time: I struggled with this. I don’t sleep well in hotel rooms when I’m there for work and it threw me off a bit.

Activity: Yoga: 1 Swim: 1/2 Run: 1 (Traffic and travel was not conducive to my activity desires. That said, I am doing more stretching when I need to have a break and when I wake up in the morning.)

General feeling of overall accomplishment: I felt pretty good about what I got done this week. Not everything, but it wasn’t too shabby either. I finished 3 scarves, a few hair accessories and tried to keep things as neat as I could (this part wasn’t a huge success…) I don’t feel terrible about the week although I just realized I have some work to do with  my Spanish.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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