Five on Friday

Can I tell you how utterly exhausted I am? This cold is sucking every last bit of energy and excitement right out of me! Last night after a minor meltdown – okay I can admit it, it was more than minor, but not quite major – I ate some food and promptly fell asleep. It was like 8 pm. Other than a few brief moments to say good night to Frank and then to watch The Blacklist so I could discuss it with a coworker, I was out cold until this morning. There’s a good chance I could curl up under my desk and take another nap. There is room after all.

But alas, I can not today. Too much to do!

Instead, let me fill you in on a five thoughts I have floating around my head.

  1. I’m looking forward to going to Chicago for Thanksgiving. I’ll get to see Frank’s family, get some wine at Target, eat some yummy food, and get the hell out of dodge for a few days.
  2. My knee was torked in the yoga class I went to earlier this week, but it seems better. That was a speedy recovery for that particular knee!
  3. I’ve gotten a started on the holiday crafting and have some ideas for others. My Christmas shopping is coming together. I’m trying not to go overboard this year, but who knows if I’ll be able to not…I’ll try!
  4. I’m alternately excited and scared poopless that we’re (hopefully) buying a house this summer. Specifically Sue’s, but there’s so much to figure out! I really think it’ll be an okay even good thing for us to do this, but there’s the element of the unknown and that always makes me a little apprehensive.
  5. I just had another thought, but totally lost it. Damn thought bubbles! It had to do with Bitstrips. It was likely about how much I really don’t like them. They were cute at first, but with everyone doing the same ones all the time, it’s just boring now.

That’s about it. Have any thoughts to share? I need some tea for my throat. I hope you have a great day and excellent weekend.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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3 Responses to Five on Friday

  1. 1) Wine @ Target.. explain yourself woman. *smiles*

    2) I felt the same way about my ankle… Yesterday it was all cursing at me, and today it’s cool. Thank goodness though! Glad it got better for you too!

    3) I want to do a Craft Project for the friends… I found a bunch of cool ones.. but, now it’s getting time to do them. Also: Now the karate moms want to do a grab bag for the kids.. UGH when will the gift buying END?!?!?!?! Oh I know, when I run out of cash. rerrrrrrrgggg

    4) Buying a house is exciting and horrifying all at the same time. But it’s cool that it might be Sue’s. At least you know who owned it and how it was maintained. And since you guys are such good friends, she’ll tell you about all those things that a regular seller would try to hide.

    5) BitStrips…. Man, I agree with you 1000000% they were cute… but now, everyone has them.. and it’s over the silliest things… And, I really HATE them now… like burn them to the ground type hate.

  2. Well – I’m glad your knee healed so quickly!

    And if it makes you feel any better I’ve been TOTALLY wiped out too this week.

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