Coffee Date 18

Hi there. How are you today? Have you had a good week? What’s in your cup today? I had to settle for Caramel Vanilla coffee because I’m out of Kahlua. I might make some Chai later to make up for it though.

I did want to thank everyone for such a great reaction to Excerpt from a soldier’s journal, #2 though. Such kindness.

Today’s going to have to be a quick stop in for a caffeine fix because I’m not sure I’m fit for human interaction. I don’t want to whine that I’m having a bad day because even I can objectively say that I’m not having one. What I am having is a difficult day with how I’m reacting to the littlest things.

I’m in a crappy mental place and nothing is soothing my soul, helping me snap out of it, or getting my head on straight. Not even singing along to showtunes is helping.

I need to fix that.

What’s on my mind? I’m working on sorting out if I want to stay at the pool, if it’s right for me to be teaching there anymore or of it’s time to move on. I’m a little stressed out about some things that shouldn’t be getting to me that much just yet. Videos of kids doing really awesome things are making me bawl like a blubbering fool. I’m borderline irate with a project at work that should only be frustrating, not making me angry.

Like I said, nothing terrible. Let’s chalk it up to Whoremones. Yes, I like that idea.

Now to get my head back on track. This coffee was a good start. I think I’ll go look at my I like to Look At board on Pinterest and this page of Police Mug Shots from the 1920s. There are some awesome ones. I can only imagine what they did! (I’m guessing they’re gangsters although one is reportedly a transgendered murderer.)

How do you get back on track?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to Coffee Date 18

  1. Well, at the moment, I am drinking water, but I may make myself a cup of Roman Provenience Tea. It’s very tasty it has undertones of dark chocolate and dried currants. Very warming.

    I had my annual review today, and it went well… as well as it could. My boss doesn’t really GET the type of person I am… so sometimes that makes it difficult. Being a free spirit has it’s drawbacks in the corporate world. I suppose.

    Sorry you are stressed.. How do I get back on track?

    Honestly? I put my head down and I push through it… I basically say : “This won’t defeat me” and I get through it. Stubborn is sometimes a POSITIVE quality.

    It’s Friday. That’s a good thing…

    Find the positive, and other positives will follow.


  2. “Whoremones” – OMG! I’m totally stealing that.

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