Three word – pine, sugar, round

Please welcome Ashley! She writes over at Caution: Prone to Sudden Outbursts of Song. I find her through another blog and think she’s pretty awesome. She writes honestly, seems like a kindred soul and generally is pretty legit. I mean she has to be, she’s a fellow Red Sox fan! She jumped at the chance for a Three Word Challenge for this round of guest posts and I think you’ll like what she came up with to share.

The trees around the house shuddered in the wind, sending the scent of pine and sap floating through the open kitchen window. Emma stood at the sink and stared out at the fall scene as she sipped her coffee. Thoughts raced through her mind and divided themselves into categories. As the laugh of children penetrated the silence, a single task rose to the top of her mental to-do list. Sugar cookies. Sugar cookies must be made to satisfy not only the cravings of the little monsters who, on occasion, ran her life, but also to placate an internal urge. “Hey y’all! Get in here!” she called. The kitchen erupted into sound as her nieces and nephews burst through the back door. “How about we make sugar cookies for your moms and dads?!” A gleeful cheer signaled agreement and in a moment, four little bodies were swathed in aprons and cheerful chatter filled the air. Flour, sugar, butter and water became dough, with the littlest ones doing the mixing. Round shapes were cut out and cookies flew into the oven. “All right, go play, and I’ll call you when they’re ready to be iced!”

An hour and a half later, all four kids were passed out in the living room, after icing half the cookies. Emma sat at the kitchen table finishing, and a peace fell upon her troubled mind. Somewhere among the mixing and the laughing and the baking and the icing, her troubles and worries had fallen away, and the problems that were so pressing this morning now seemed small and insignificant. She glanced over her shoulder at the sleeping angels strewn over the overstuffed couches and a small smile stole across her face. She picked up a cookie. They’d never notice if she ate just one.

Love it! Go to Ashley’s and make new friends.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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