Dreams like these may be why I don’t sleep well

So I have really bizarre, vivid dreams that totally freak me out and leave me shaky for some time. They along with sleep walking are why I don’t take sleeping meds.

I’ve always had scary and or freaky dreams and while I’m sort of used to them, they aren’t what you’d call fun.

Take for instance the dream I just woke up from while taking a nap. I had to force myself awake  because I was having such a crazy and frightening dream.

I’ll try to capture the insanity, I’m still quite shaken.

…My whole family was on vacation and our super awesome huge boat was in some city where my sister went to school. She was part of some alternative life style artist dancer scene and I distinctly remember feeling that some of her friends made me uneasy.

One night were we exploring the city and my brother was exploring his options. He had just bought a new washer and drier and my cousins and g-d family were on the way to meet us.

He was showing us something about fixing how fast his washer drained and quite proud that he could.

My extended famiky arrived and I had ordered dinner for everyone that night but me it seemed. I was headed back up to this Mexican place we has found to order something for me because I was so hungry.

On my way up the hill, there was a random fight in the street that had started with and teenager swinging around a sock filled with rolls of quarters to hit some homeless looking guy with and a different guy pulled a huge knife. After he stabbed the guy with the quarters, he was just stabbing other people.

Cars were crashing, people freaking out the mad man was running about and others were taking advantage of the chaos to start fights.

It was insane.

My family who had come to find me, minus my sister, hid in the small Mexican hole in the wall place until things died down. My brother had left, Frank found out at this point that he had lost his job and we realized my car (a baby pink ’92 Nissan Sentra) had been totaled in the mayhem.

My brother realized his washer had gotten the hell beaten out of it and took off to enact revenge on behalf of it.

Because everything was calm now, I set off to find my sister who wasn’t answering her phone She had been missing calls from us while spending time at an alternative life style bar that had burlesque dancers, more chemicals than I cared to think about, hookers, and body modifications and art. That’s why she was there, to paint people and be inspired. Apparently.

I checked all the places she might have been, got confused with someone who was looking for a hooker, and ran into some really creepy people.

I saw a guy stealing money from an old lady in the parking lot, was followed by what may have been a Carney folk, and was really good at jumping from the elevated walkway to the sidewalk.

I didn’t find her until I got back to the boat. She was sitting at the table on the dock wondering what had happened, eating chips and salsa.

It dawned on me that I still hadn’t eaten and she wouldn’t share.

My brother appeared from his adventure to find the guy who had busted his new washing machine – which was inexplicably on the sidewalk when the mayhem ensued – with his gun and fatigues, telling me he had joined Frank’s rank of unemployed because I told him to quit the army. He was looking for a verbal fight and I didn’t want to play along because I insisted I never said that he should quit and not to blame me!

As he started to yell at me, part of my brain screamed at me to wake up, it was just a dream…

And I wonder why I don’t sleep.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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4 Responses to Dreams like these may be why I don’t sleep well

  1. Did you eat Mexican food before taking your nap?? I’ve heard spicy food can make for weird dreams.

  2. YIKES!!! What a CRAZY dream!!

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