Coffee date 16

20131018_102158Hi there! So nice to see you today. I’m glad you could join me for a cup of coffee (or whatever you’d like to have in your cup).

I have been enjoying a caramel coffee lately, but today I used my last Kahlua coffee. I’ll have to see if I can find more. It is such a nice way to start a Friday.

What are you having? When you order a drink, do you try new things often or usually order the same thing?

I can not tell you how thrilled I am that Friday has arrived. Is it me or do short weeks take forever?

I was greeted with a message from BatGirl today that just said, “Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She didn’t use that many exclamation points, but the intent was clearly implied.

Then she sent me this note.slide_320627_2997507_free

It’s true, I often do Zig when others Zag. It’s all good though. I don’t do it to be different, sometimes I just am different. I’m not a special snowflake or anything, I’m just me. I’ve long since learned to do what my gut/heart is telling me is best for me so I try to follow them.

It’s served me well so far.

Do you Zig or Zag when others Zag?

So tell me something random. It can be about you, your date last week, your job, your favorite lip gloss. Tell me anything. I want to know!

There are two blog posts I want to share with you today. One is about how Martha Stewart is a giant jerk and the other one is about me. I share the one about Martha because I thought people should know (especially DIY’ers like myself) and I share the one about me because it made me cry. Anyone who has ever struggled to get their shine back or keep it should read Girl’s Got Shine. It’s largely a dating blog, but there’s a lot mixed in about how important your very own Shine is. (Click around Girl’s Got Shine. She’s funny and you might learn something new about yourself or be inspired.)

You should know that I puffy pink heart GGS author right back and consider myself to be the lucky one in this friendship.

I have to run, but wanted to leave you with one last photo. I’m constantly in awe of the view out of my office window in the fall.


I might not get paid a crap ton of money, but there are some great perks to my job.

(Just a reminder, I need blog posts by Tuesday night! If you want to get one to me then and didn’t get the email, let me know and I’ll send it over right away.)

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to Coffee date 16

  1. My sister got me a wicked cool cup for work. It makes an individual cup of loose tea, and allows you to strain it out… So no more need for bags or tea balls at work.. it’s all in ONE CUP. I love it.
    Today is Nutcracker Sweet.. It tastes like Christmas. And maybe biscotti as well….

    I love trying new things SO MUCH, that I wind up having a lot of overflow. I think, at the present moment, I have 12 different types of tea in my cupboard at home. I LOVE HOT TEA. I love coffee too.. but, I got to be in the mood. And since I cut flavored creamer out of my life… well… It’s not as fun anymore.

    Usually short weeks are long, but this one was relatively fast. I wonder why… Oh, I know, because I was BURIED with a STUPID work project that MAKES NO SENSE. It’s over now.. and I am blissfully bored. Thank god.

    I understand just being different because it’s who you are. I have my own drum that I march to. People don’t necessarily get me… or like me… but the select few who do… well, I think they do because we are equally as messed up in the head. 🙂

    RANDOM: Under my professional work attire, is a Halloween Hello Kitty Shirt, and my socks match. It’s my secret way to rebel against the man…. you know THE MAN.

    The view outside your office looks much like mine.. I love the leaves at this time of the year. I have family over in CT, and all of the leaves just fell… barely turned… Which I thought was weird…But, I guess everyone can’t have such an amazing fall. I feel special that I get to see it, and drive home with it all around me….

    I am rather tired today though. I think that might be left over from 2am hyperglycemia episode. Which was deduced that it may have come from the Muscle Relaxer I had to take before bed. She thinks it raised my body temperature, and that since I bundled up in my pjs… that I just burnt through all my reserve sugar… I was told to watch it, and if it happens again (this bad) within the next week… to call back, and we’ll go for some testing. Ever been for a Glucose Test… It’s gross… REALLY gross.

    Thanks for having Coffee/Tea with me.

  2. Ashley M. says:

    Holy crap on a cracker! I totally forgot, but I will get you a post by Tuesday!!

    Today I’m drinking water. Something about the amount of caffeine or something is effecting my way of life, so I’m trying to stick to one cup of tea a day. Though when I do drink tea, it’s usually Irish Breakfast Tea with some kind of flavored creamer in it (right now it’s pumpkin spice). I tend to be very predictable in my drink choices.

    I don’t really like pointy lines, so I tend to be a curver and a twirler rather than a zigger or a zagger (that answered the question, didn’t it?). Power to the differences that make us so utterly interesting!!!

    It’s finally getting cool here in Texas, and so we’re taking advantage of it. Watching Polar Express with my family tonight and going to a pumpkin patch tomorrow, all ending in a pre-celebration of my birthday!

    Also, I just wanted to second GGS’s sentiments. I’m so glad we’ve met via this great big tangle of knowings!! You make me smile!

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