Pizza and Pinterest Party

I haven’t made anything new this week to share with you so I can’t share what I have made. You’re always welcome to check out the Compilation of Yum,, though, for inspiration. Just looking at the list I want to make some green beans, some banana bread and garlic knots!

Do Mongolian green beans go with a Pizza and Pinterest party? I’m having one Friday. A Pizza and Pinterest party, not a single mongolian green bean that is. I decided that since Frank was going out of town, I’d have a girls night, make some pizza for my ladies and do a craft. Oh and a huge salad. It’s sort of my thing. Big salads.

We’ll likely drink some wine too.

f86694a652c8694ea5a116f9f15bf41bI figure I’d do up some sweet pepper and caramelized onion on white pizza and some turkey pepperoni for the other. Possibly a third just cheese because sometimes people love that and well, left over pizza never hurts!

As for the craft, we’re doing Sharpie Mugs to see if they work. (Although from everything I’ve read, they do not so I might get some porcelain paint pens.) I happen to have a bunch of plain white mugs for some reason and a crap ton of permanent markers, so why not?

I haven’t figured out a sweet treat yet but I’m leaning towards an oatmeal bottom apple pie with crumble tops.

If you’re local, down for a ladies night and/or I’m an idiot and forgot to invite you (cause sometimes that happens as I’m scrolling through my friend’s list to invite people) let me know you’d like to come and I’ll send you the details.

Now to figure out what I want to put on my mug…

I’ll be posting the pizza results here and the crafting results over on Court is Crafty.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to Pizza and Pinterest Party

  1. Ashley M. says:

    Mongolian green beans go with everything 🙂

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