Friday Five – Random thoughts I had today

Yet again, my day has escaped me! I did want to pop in thought and say hello and share five thoughts I had today. Heads up. They’re random.

  1. My lunch was really pretty. (As is my lunch date who was sparkly too!) See photo below.
  2. Speaking of lunch, I think some of my congestion in my sinuses/nose/head area might have been gluten related. I’ll post more about this next week, but it’s been an interesting experiment.
  3. Just when I needed most to hear that someone was okay, I saw them like something on facebook. It seems silly, but I had been praying for days that they were and to see just that little action was a gift. Thank you.
  4. Holy crap! That girl is a brunette doppelganger for my brother’s ex. Doppelgangers are weird and a little creepy.
  5. Man I’m really glad I saved my extra lasagna sauce. It’s really awesome leftover and cold from the fridge. I do good work.

Pretty Sushi Lunch

What sort of random thoughts have you had lately?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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