Random words on a piece of paper

Today is already a popcorn sort of thought kind of day. Ideas for projects and letters popping into my head with great force and speed! But sadly, instead of them turning into little delightful crunchy treats with buttery salty goodness, they go poof like a bubble popping into the air when you reach for it. (Not unlike this post.)

I maintain that they aren’t meant to be just yet. Maybe I wasn’t really ready to share, maybe the person who needs to read them hasn’t found my blog yet, maybe I’ll see it differently tomorrow. Who knows.

For now, I’ll jot down some words on some scrap paper just in case it helps. More likely though, I’ll end up with a scrap paper with random words that I find in a month or two and have no idea what it was to do with in the first place.

Do you do that? Leave yourself notes and then have no idea what they mean later?

I found one on my desk just the other day.

notesJust a bunch of chicken scratch on a 2″x 2″ sticky note.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? No? Oh well.

Speaking of notes, I did find this photographer’s project. Ash Thayer has taken photos of love letters. It’s not clear if they’re hers or ones that she’s found. Regardless of who they belong to, they’re lovely to look at and a beautiful project. (Click through her site. Ernestine and Hazel is another awesome set of photos.)

Only related to the previous paragraph because it was something I thought was really cool is this post over at Story by ModCloth. It’s Cindy Lesman’s Pop Culture Perfect sketches.  (Not pimpin’ for ModCloth, just thought the sketches were cool.)

One last bit of life that I’m digging: I was rather unproductive this weekend because I watched Hart of Dixie S2:E1-13. I’m okay with that fact too. Sometimes it’s just better not to push it. I didn’t even craft while I watched it. How’s that for unlike me and unproductive?! Other fun things this weekend? I taught swimming lessons, met Daddy-O for dinner, did laundry and got ice cream. I was pleased with it, but nothing share-worthy exciting.

How was yours? Any ideas for me to blog about this week or next?


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to Random words on a piece of paper

  1. I usually find these types of things on the bottom of my purse, and I know that whenever they were scratched out onto the sticky note, they were profoundly important..

    But, now, I just think… “What the heck were you thinking? or doing?”

    I have two sticky notes on my desk, that I wrote yesterday, and I am certain I don’t know what I am trying to tell myself now.

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