Coffee Date 15

20131004_171512Hey there! I’m sorry I was so late. Sometimes the day just gets away from me and I had some things pop up that I didn’t count on needing attention or taking so much attention. Nothing terrible, just a little unexpected. It seems the whole week has had such things, but oh well! Such is life, right?

How are you today? Any fun plans for the weekend? Cool links to share?

I’d like to show you the view from my office today, but the sky is grey and the colors aren’t photoing well which is really too bad because they’re quite the beautiful sight. Think even more reds and oranges than this one.

Instead you can join me on the floor for a chai latte. Why on the floor? Sometimes I just like to sit on the floor of my office. Yes those are blue pants with polka dots. I love them. Thank you MsMS! They are lovely and I received some very nice compliments today.  I have to say, it’s nice having friends to trade closets with once in awhile.

You know what else was a lovely sight today? Seeing the number on the scale. Such a little thing, but I have met my first concrete weight loss goal of this go around. I don’t wish to share the number publicly, but it’s 2 sets of 3s down from where I started and below the first arbitrary goal I set. The next 3lbs need to decide who is going because I’m feeling motivated!

So did you have a good week? Meet any goals you’d like to share? Any you’d like to set?

Whoops! Have to jet. I’m going to duck out and get my polka dot covered tush home. It’s St. Francis’s Feast Day and my Francis has chosen pizza. Can’t wait! I’m thinking of getting this one again.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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