10 out of 25 and I was def a child of the 80s

Sue shared this post earlier. It’s the 25 Movies from the 80s Every Kid Should See. I’ve only seen 10 of them.

Whoops. What can I say? They just don’t hold my interest.

I did like Gremlins and Back to the Future. Care to guess which of the others I’ve seen?

If you had to recommend just one, which would you say to see? Don’t say Princes Bride.

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5 Responses to 10 out of 25 and I was def a child of the 80s

  1. But Princess Bride’s my favorite movie EVER! Also Land Before Time and Breakfast Club

  2. Robbie says:

    Seen all but 2 – I highly recommend Adventures in Babysitting 🙂

  3. OLTBabs says:

    I’ve seen all but 3 of them. It’s so hard to pick, but I would recommend “The Outsiders”, “Ferris Bueller”….Bueller, Bueller….and “Breakfast Club” would be tops….besides the awesome “Princess Bride”, of course.

  4. OLTBabs says:

    It wasn’t in the list because it’s from 1978, but have you seen “Grease”? I’ve gotten my daughter ADDICTED to it.

  5. Me says:

    I loved An American Tail because, well, it was Fievel! And The Princess Bride is just such a witty movie that all of us witless folks loved it – hoping for wit by osmosis.

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