Nothing new, but some I’d love to try!

I’m sorry that I don’t have a new recipe for you today. I spent most of last night making 12 dozen cupcakes for an upcoming fundraising fashion show event for Alzheimer’s. Daddy-O says I’m a trooper, but I’m willing to acquiesce that I might just be crazy. We were going to attend, but I just can’t make it work, so I’m just giving them the cupcakes because every event should have dessert!

I suppose I could tell you about the sandwich I made, but it’s just a smoked ham with Swiss, mayo and a little onion on whole wheat bread. I thought it was the best sandwich I’d ever had, but I was really hungry so I doubt that my perception would match yours.

Instead, I thought I’d share some pins from my recent Pinterest escapades that I’d like to try soon:

First up we have Healthy Peanut butter Oatmeal Cookies. I’m a little skeptical that I’ll like these, but it’s worth a shot!
f71dae83c1953380ae124aef24971389Then there’s this one. I’m quite certain I will love Crock Pot Baked Apples.
6074571f728c62b4c77332e25bcd70deHow about this one? Asparagus Tart?
09eb0611cb946c2287bbab0d916af8a5Apparently I’m very into finding ways to use my crock pot! Why not for bread too?
080dfde777a450d65706841ccb174628Which I think would go really well with Chili Tortalini soup.


Now I’m really hungry! Which of those would you like to eat tout de suite? I think a little of all of it would be delightful. Unfortunately I did not bring any of it for lunch nor will I be eatng any for dinner. Tonight I get to decorate 12 dozen cupcakes.

You can see other things I want to eat on the “A girl’s got to eat, right?”  I’ve also been pinning a lot of outfits I like and want to try. I oddly have several of the pieces, just have to work on getting back into my “skinny” jeans some more. Think I can do it with all this yummy food?

Don’t worry. I remember. I also remembered to wish friends a happy birthday, to tell Frank that I love him, to chat a little with G-d about some things and to send healing thoughts to those who were directly affected by that day. My specific thoughts regarding what today represents have not changed much from last year.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to Nothing new, but some I’d love to try!

  1. OMG. All of this yummy goodness is killing me! Too bad I’m allergic to ALL OF THIS.

    *sad face*

  2. Awesome! I can’t wait to try some of this out.

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