Coffee Date 11


What I'd rather be doing

Oh hell, it’s been a week.

Monday I was already wishing for Friday and then I blinked and it was Thursday and we were on our way to Tanglewood for Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

So glad the week is done now. I have a baby shower to go to tomorrow but after that, the weekend is MINE. M. I. N. E!

How are you? Was it a good week or an “Oh my G-d pass the Kahlua” kind of week? Mine certainly fell into the second category, but the majority of projects I needed to get done are almost done and I’m having breakfast for dinner tonight.

So Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! was pretty good. I’m not a NPR listener for the most part. I catch it once in awhile when people suggest I listen to specific things, but it’s not my go to listening. Frankly, they try and engage my brain too much and the old brain needs some down time.

Last night was fun though. The guest Emanuel Ax was fricken awesome. If you’re not familiar with him (as I was not) he’s a classical pianist. He’s charming, funny, and at one point he got the giggles so much I thought they’d have to take a break from the show. He had stories of his friendship with Yo-Yo Ma, “wild” stories of the road, and a really geeky joke that that had me belly laughing. You’ll have to listen to the broadcast to hear it or any of the rest of the really good stuff though. Bomchickawowow was mentioned, I’ll tell you that much.

Have you ever gone to something that you were pleasantly surprised by? I think the last one was the Ukulele show I went to a few years back. While the main guy was pretty good, the opening guy was from some band and played some stuff I knew and made me laugh. Something about Metallica and U2 on the Ukelele is just funny.

So do you have any fun plans this weekend? I have a to do list (of course) but mostly it’s stuff around the house. There’s a very good chance that other than laundry, I won’t be leaving the house Sunday or Monday. And that’s okay with me.

Well, I need a refill on coffee so I’ll see you around!

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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1 Response to Coffee Date 11

  1. Batgirl says:

    Love this photo of you! Considering your week, it looks so peaceful. I too had a crazy week, the kind that beats you up and takes your lunch money. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend!

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