Yesterday was clearly trying it’s best to be an ass, but I refused to engage.


For a laugh!

Not related, but makes me laugh.

Yesterday was a day that did it’s best to knock me down.

With the exception of lunch with D’Lovely and her squishies, yesterday did it’s very best to be a big fat jerk face. I wasn’t having it though. You’re not supposed to engage with people are being asses and I didn’t engage with yesterday. I kept my positive face on and tried to really annoy yesterday with my optimism and bright out look.

I was awake earlier that I’d hope, I had to drop a bunch of money on my car unexpectedly, I was really cold most of the day, a higher up shot down our great idea, and I got verification that I need to be tested for the BRAC1 gene.

I kept smiling though. I hung on to the facts that Em gave me the best hug ever and showed me the Banana Dance, D’Lovey was wearing awesome shoes, my insurance will hopefully cover the testing I need done, my car is now fixed and the guy helped me out where he could, the sun was shining, and I got a run in before work.

I hugged Frank, made a toddler hat with some left over yarn, watched some United States of Tara, answered the final Jeopardy question right and had Chocolate Lucky Charms (not as awesome as you’d think). It wasn’t my best day, but they can’t all be.

I can’t control what life throws at me, but I can choose what I want to focus on. When life throws you something icky, what do you focus on instead?


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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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3 Responses to Yesterday was clearly trying it’s best to be an ass, but I refused to engage.

  1. Chocolate Lucky Charms… Hmmm.. Perhaps you needed some Count Chocula?

    I think I need some.

    Keep Smiling.

  2. Ashley M. says:

    Rock it girl! I’m in the throes of one of those days myself!

  3. There must have been something in the air – because yesterday was tough for me too! So I had a Hershey bar and all was right in my world again!

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