Five on Friday – Things to accomplish in August

imageI’m sorry I don’t have time to have a cup of coffee with you today, but I have to get on the road for a work meeting. Hopefully after this, I can catch my breath for the weekend.

To say I’m a “little behind right now” with blogging would be a gross injustice  with regard to just how much I want to get done.

I want to recap July’s Pinspiration, post one for August and tackle a few other things, but I was a bit busy and distracted lately because of some other projects – one of which was this.

There are a few things I think I want to get done for August and I if I write them here, I have to do them, right? Bwahaha. It’s worth a shot!

  1. Get back into running. I’m putting a goal of 35 miles on this one. Nope, not a lot. BUT! I have to start somewhere.
  2. Clean out my closet and dresser. This is an ongoing battle, but I’ve noticed that I have many garments that shouldn’t be worn anymore, yet I still reach for them.
  3. Cut back on the treats. I’ve had a bunch of baking or treat inspiration this summer which is fine, but I’m eating too many of them.
  4. Figure out something fun to do with Frank for our anniversary.
  5. Read 3 books. More about them later!

I have to run, but would love to know what you’d like to get accomplished in August!

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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