Too foggy for a title.


If you didn’t see it, you can find a little bit more about me in a mini profile that was on On the Edge (Times Union Blog). Also, my allergies are kicking my ass – at least I hope they’re allergies and not a mid-summer cold. They’ve been kicking my butt since Saturday. Damn it.

So truth be told, I didn’t get my Pin Twists on Childhood Favorites done this weekend. (Although I am still interested in seeing some of yours!) By the time Friday afternoon rolled around I wasn’t feeling any alcohol, standing over a stove to make cookies, or going back out to the store to get pizza dough.

Instead I made ham and cheese on bagels for dinner Friday, tried out a new to us ice cream place (Moxies), I mixed up some Mrs. McGrail SCS peanut butter bars (sorry, recipe not forthcoming, only for SCS family members) cleaned, and crafted.

As for cleaning, I worked out a semi-reorganization and clean up of the craft room. Doing so netted half a shopping bag of materials to go to a different home and a full bag of garbage. (Scraps too small, things that didn’t really need to be saved, etc.)

I also had a pedicure and lunch date with my dear friend Ms. Bix. It was a little weird getting massaged with a hot towel encased in a garbage bag but the foot/leg massage was awesome. That said, nothing beat the company. Nothing will ever beat her company.

Other than that, it was a normal weekend with a few naps, crafting, laundry and groceries. I did drink my chocolate milk at the diner too fast and regretted it quickly. Luckily when I handed the clerk at the grocery store the opened package of Tums, he didn’t seem too phased.

How was your weekend?

I’ve seen a lot of new return IP addresses around here lately so I thought I’d take a moment to say hi to our new friends (or foes).  If you’d like to follow along on facebook, twitter and/or Pinterest please do. Guest Posters are welcome and typically go up on Thursdays (and I’ll need some in October so keep that in mind!) You can Challenge Me or find out more general information here.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to Too foggy for a title.

  1. Robbie says:

    I had alcohol poisioning Friday night with the massive amounts of drinks I had, then a huge party on Saturday for my 40th. It was an awesome weekend !

  2. 🙂 That ice cream looks delicious!

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