Coffee date (#7?)

imageHappy Friday to you and you and you and you! I can’t decide if it’s been a long week or a short week. I’m also trying to decide if my Kahlua coffee is good enough to convince me that it has actual Kahlua in it because man, I could go for an adult beverage right now. Maybe a glass of wine with frozen cherries? (Which Frank wrote about today. Ha.)

So how are you? What’s new? Not much here, I’ve gotten very close to my first weight loss goal which was a paltry 5 lbs, but you have to start somewhere to make progress, right?

Also, I found a new blog that’s fun. I don’t know that I have a lot in common with Helene, but I like her writing. Today she wrote about what she believes in. To give you an idea, here’s mine.

“I believe in dance parties in my office to break up the day, Kahlua flavored coffee on Fridays, the power of a well placed curse word, strawberry flavored lip gloss, and that there is more good in the world than bad. “

How about you?

Oh, did you know Frank’s mom is coming to visit his brother this weekend? Yep she is. We’ll be spending some time with her. I think we’re going to the Farmer’s Market and having lunch at our new neighborhood deli. I have no idea what else we’ll be doing, they didn’t ask me to plan anything and I’m okay with that. Maybe I’ll make brunch or something.

Speaking of the Farmer’s Market, Frank has been encouraging me to do something like that, you know more personal than my Court is Crafty site. I’ve looked into it and there are a couple of issues. First! It’s like $400 a season plus administrative fees. I don’t have that kind of money right now. The other problem is that they won’t let me have a “whatever I feel like doing booth” which is really optimal. It’s not my fault I want to craft for a while then bake for awhile then craft and bake! I think a “random, but hand/home made” booth would be super fun! Maybe I could figure out a way to do both each week? Not sure. Would you stop by a booth that was going to have something cool or yummy but you didn’t know what?

That’s it for me, I have to reheat my coffee. It has yet to convince me that it’s an adult beverage. Have a super fun day and a lovely weekend.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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4 Responses to Coffee date (#7?)

  1. Sue says:

    $400?! Seems pricey, though I suppose it depends on what that yields you.

    I also think you should do something like a farmers market, craft fair, etc. And I’d absolutely visit a booth/table where I never know what fun thing I’m going to find!

  2. I’d visit your booth. And, I think it’s silly that you have to really hammer down what you would sell… I mean you could say Crafts/Baking… and just be like “it’s a craft day!”

    But, that is a high $$$$ for a spot.

  3. helenesula says:

    kahlua coffee sounds divine. and i firmly believe in any kind of dance parties so it sounds like we may have more in common than you think!

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