Accessories, yogurt, and voicemails have this in common.

What are things Court has been loving lately, Alex?

Knock on wood, life has been pretty good the last few days. Here’s a few things that have helped make it so.


My new ring from Stella & Dot.


My red shoes.


Oh gosh. Coconut Chobani. Yes.


And Lime Chobani too. A must.


This one left me a voice mail:
Hi. This is E. I love you.

I know I generally wait til Sunday, but I’ve been pretty loving these days.

How about you?

I’d like to thank the universe for bestowing such happiness on me. Granted I choose happy, but some days it’s easy to see the good and choose it.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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4 Responses to Accessories, yogurt, and voicemails have this in common.

  1. batgirl says:

    I highly approve!

  2. Robbie says:

    Started the Comcast yoga and pilates today 🙂 Thank you for showing me ! And I must go check out this Stella & Dot !

  3. I love the animal crackers grazing around the key lime chobani! Mmmm Animal Crackers.

    And red shoes are awesome.. I love those.

    What made my day today, was finding CHERRY JUICE INFUSED CRAISINS… sitting in our breakroom… Mmmmmmmmm

    It’s been a good week.


  4. I love the Stella and Dot ring! It’s nice to be able to appreciate the many lovely moments that make up a happy life. : )

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