What better way to say you love someone than with bacon hearts, (part of @thepintester movement)

The last Pintester’s Movement (Boozy Candy) was so much fun, when Sonja put out a call for more, I just had to join in again.  She’s a sneaky little minx though and changed the rules. This time around, we had to do something she’s already done.

What to do? Well, nails are out because I’m lucky if I can keep color on them. While I love me some cocktails, I’d have a lot of booze and feel it necessary to finish it. (Wait, why did I think this was a bad idea? No idea.) I really wanted to cut a glass bottle with fire, but I’d have to drink the beer first and then light stuff on fire. Frank vetoed that as he prefers I not burn down the apartment. You can see how my options are limited.

Well, it was my turn to cook dinner tonight and we had a package of bacon in the fridge…so in a moment of pinspiration I just knew I had to do BACON HEARTS!

The Pintester, Sonja, found it over on The Paper Mama. Hers came out better than mine, but mine weren’t terrible.

First, turn your oven on to 350*F and put your cooling rack in an old ass cookie sheet. It drains as it cooks. Yes, you should thank me for that one.

This is where I started to do stuff, but well, it didn’t turn out so awesome. So I opted to go read the instructions. Turns out, cutting the bacon in half made it all a little easier. I posted a picture over on my facebook page, but I don’t want to sully this post with it.

I made the little hearts, opting to let the bacon drape as it wished so it would cooperate more.

Into the oven it went for about 25 minutes. Bake until it’s as crispy as you’d like.


Don’t be surprised if some come out looking like little lumps of bacon. Delicious little lumps, but less than heart shaped. I suppose it could look like what your heart looks like after a bad break up when it’s been crumpled like an old note and stomped on.

A few came out pretty well though. This was my favorite.

So I ate it.

Frank gave it two thumbs up, but he gives everything with bacon two thumbs up. I don’t know that I’ll do it again, it put a lot of time between open the package and safely get in my belly. Maybe for a special treat.

You can see more of the Pintester Movement over here

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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15 Responses to What better way to say you love someone than with bacon hearts, (part of @thepintester movement)

  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmbacon…….

    I haven’t had a piece of bacon in far too long…
    Is it sad that I can taste it in my mouth?

  2. Ashley Bee says:

    Perfect for an I Love You BLT, hehe. Or just a B, since my boyfriend won’t eat the L and T, hah. Veggie hater, oh well.

  3. Sonja Foust says:

    Yay bacon! yeah, I think they turn out looking more like anatomical hearts than, you know, Valentine hearts, but hey, bacon.

  4. If only all Pinterest pins were so tasty!

  5. As long as it’s bacon, who cares what shape it’s in?!? Everything is better with bacon, especially if it’s baked bacon 😉

  6. Elaina says:

    Bacon Hearts. The only pintest where even if you did fail, it’s still a win. Because bacon.

  7. Kim says:

    I’m with Elaina here.Bacon? yes. Because why? Because BACON. Awesome job!

  8. cwupcake says:

    i was going to try to be good this morning and have a nice, light bowl of cereal. That just got shot out the window. Bacon heart/blobs for breakfast it is!

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  11. Cherin - Masterfully Me! says:

    You can’t really go wrong with bacon.

  12. Brandon Scott says:

    Yes, you are looking at bacon Valentines. This is a tradition I think I could get behind.

    ***Also possibly spam, but relevant.***

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