Thursday Three – Ziva

I am absolutely not ready to discuss my feelings on this matter, but Ziva is leaving NCIS. I am rather saddened by this.

Let me repeat that for those of you who maybe didn’t read it right the first time: Cote de Pablo will not be returning for season 11 of NCIS

She’s been part of the team for as long as I’ve been watching and I really do adore her character.  They’ve written her to be funny, strong, lovable and capable.  I’ve loved watching her learn American English, love Tony and be much of a daughter to Gibbs. She’s Abby’s best girl friend, and protects McGee from Tony’s pranks and jokes.

She will be missed.

For today’s Thursday Three, I present you with three of my favorite Ziva moments:

  1. When the team rescues her from the Somalian prison. Hands down my favorite episode and makes me cry every time. That’s teamwork for you.  (Truth or Consequences)
  2. When Ziva saves Gibbs and kills Ari. Need I say more? (Kill Ari)
  3. Any moment between her and Tony. Tony really loves her and I love that he has someone to love for real. I love that between him, McGee, Gibbs they’ve shown her that not all men are like her father or other officers of Mossad that she grew up around and know.  I believe that the characters of Ziva and Tony have genuine love and affection for one another and while I know it’s not feasible for them to actually be together,  maybe they can get a quickie in before she’s gone?

I’ll certainly miss her when she’s gone, I just hope they don’t kill her. That’s never cool.

Are you an NCIS fan? What’s your favorite Ziva moment?


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6 Responses to Thursday Three – Ziva

  1. Sue says:

    What the heck?!

  2. My dad LOVES this show.. he’s going to be sad too…

    Personally, Abby is my favorite!

  3. Ashley M. says:

    I saw that today and I almost cried as well!!!! It makes me so SO sad!

  4. Ashley M. says:

    Also, if they kill her, I’m boycotting.

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