Mean old Vinyasa made me cry, thanks @livWhole

I’ve been trying to be more conscious of getting some sort of workout done each day. I aim for about 20 minutes or so on top of my usual inability to sit still if I haven’t put distance in in the pool or time in on the treadmill. We have Sports & Fitness OnDemand at home so I’ve been trying some of the “videos”. I’ve really liked some of the dance workouts there and mostly they’re just the right amount of challenging.

Last night, I was doing a ballet workout, by Jennifer Galardi and I was rocking through the balance with rond de jambe and pulsing arabesques. We got on the floor and did some floor stuff when it was time for the Vinyasa. (This particular one moved from floor, to arch your back, push up to downward dog, plank (hands only, no forearms), hold, lower to floor, do again.)

About 2 seconds into the plank hold, I hated her (Sorry Jen, but I did. Can I call you Jen?), about 10 seconds in, I started to cry. Not just in my head either, real live tears. My hands were shaking and slipping, the lower half of my body felt like it weighed 600lbs.

It was not one of my finer moments.

I used to be able to do them, no problems, sure a little sweat, some cursing toward the end and my planks left a little to be desired, but I could do it. (Actually, I could do many of Gina’s 10 variations of the plank!) Did I lose that much strength so fast? If that wasn’t a bad enough thought, next started the self berating and mean voice: How could you? You suck! I can believe you’ve gotten so lazy!

(Yeah, my internal voice can be an asshole.)

So, I took a little break while Jen did her vinyasas, took a few deep breaths, told my internal voice to shut the hell up, and pulled myself together. I rejoined the workout for various ab and leg work and finished the workout. I could have given up, but I wasn’t going to let that happen. Not when I had like 8 minutes left to go.

I decided that I wasn’t going to let that happen again and that damn it, I was going to practice planks until I could do them again.  I think I’ll start with forearm ones and move on from there.  (Jen was doing hands only, like a push up being held, not holding her weight on her forearms.)

In the course of writing this, I took a break and tried one. My form was awful, I’m sure, but I tried the hands only, straight arms and got to 30 seconds. In a few hours, I’ll try again. I figure if I try it a few times a day, I might be able to do a full minute before long and maybe even try one with bent arms.

Progress, right? Not perfection. And the bright side? I didn’t give up and I’m trying again.


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3 Responses to Mean old Vinyasa made me cry, thanks @livWhole

  1. I love it! Not that you were crying.. but, that you are making progress!

    I still haven’t contemplated exactly how to write my progress post… But, I am working on my progression (as it were)….

    I was doing this crazy workout on FitnessBlender… and there was this Slap Plank thing.. where you hold yourself in the plank position, and then alternate slapping your left hand to your right shoulder and vise versa… for 60 seconds… 15 seconds of a break.. then 60 seconds again.. I WAS GRUNTING AND CRYING… it was insane!

  2. I love it. Not that I made you cry. But that I pushed you to be uncomfortable and you stuck with that discomfort and kept going anyway. That is growth. That is change. And that is what moves us forward to fulfill our greatest potential. Thank you so much for sharing. And of course you can call me Jen. 🙂
    Keep up the great work.
    PS: If you want to check out more on the “Perfect Plank” I have a video just for you!

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