I’m calling today a win, because I can

I fell asleep for awhile today and while I don’t remember doing it, I woke up on the hardwood floor in front of the AC unit. I felt awful.

I still don’t feel all that great, possibly too much sugar or not enough water. Instead of dwelling, I’m looking at the good from today.

You have that choice in life, you know. The choice to pick the positive view point, to ignore jerks, smile, and be happy. Generally speaking, it’s my MO.

Yes, sometimes it’s easier than others and sometimes I have to ask for help, but it can be done.

A few examples of me choosing to see the good today:


First store didn’t have it, but I found the vanilla I like and stocked up. Yeah I was frustrated to have to go to another store, deal with traffic, another round if heat, an other set of people in my way, but I found it.


Later, I got caught in the rain and had to wait to leave the store. I could have been grumpy about more rain, having to sit and wait, getting wet, etc, but meh, it wasn’t that bad. I was parked in the very front row, so I only got a little wet. I didn’t really have anyplace to be at they moment, and I got a laugh.

Besides I’m sweet, but I don’t melt.

I don’t have a Pic of this next example, but a friend of mine is having a hard time so I took him to lunch. My heart hurts a little for the reasons we met up, but I know he’ll work through it and I got to spend a couple hours with a good friend. And I got a milkshake.

No I don’t get it right all the time. I get grumpy, short tempered, really sad, and see a lot of negative, but damn it, I try.

What positive have you chosen to see lately?


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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3 Responses to I’m calling today a win, because I can

  1. Hmm — yanno – I really needed to read this today – I am feeling rather grumpy- but now I will try and find the positives instead!

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