Pinspiration July – Progress

A bit ago, I had a great idea to use some of those inspirational Pinterest Pins that we all have a board for and put it to good use! Instead of just pinning them for “later” let’s use them for good.

07716a0ac6bf2df363b93f388cc7a6b6I had a bunch of possible pins ready to go for this month, but I saw this one and decided that it was the right time.

Progress. (Notice I didn’t say perfection. There’s a difference.)

This month I am striving to make progress. Progress in my weight loss/fitness goals.  Progress in working towards some decisions that need to be made about crafting and what not. Progress towards cutting myself some slack.

I don’t know quite what my official goals are, but I’ll decide over the weekend and get some posted so I can keep on task. (Maybe! The on task part, not the posting part.) I might decide that there aren’t any official goals, just to make progress.

Generally speaking, I’d like to lose weight, but how much? I’d like to get back to running, but what’s my first/second/third milestone to achieve? I’m considering joining a farmer’s market, but what do I need to know going into it? I’d like to swim faster/longer, but what kind of training can I really commit to doing? What else do I want to improve upon?

Here’s what I’m asking: For the month of July, let’s all think about the pin above and consciously make an effort to be more mindful of the topic of Progress and what that looks like, however it relates to you. Is it physical? Mental? Both?

If you’d like to comment below and then write a post about how you worked on it this month, that would be super awesome. If not, that’s cool too.  You can comment on this post, write a guest post if you’d like (always welcome), write about it on your blog (Send the link so I can be sure to catch it!), or makes notes to keep to yourself.

Who’s in? Anyone have thoughts on what else I can make progress on?


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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5 Responses to Pinspiration July – Progress

  1. I am always in for some personal growth.. Last month’s TIME, was very inspirational, and really got my head on straight.

    PROGRESS, I am even more excited about this word. It is an ENDLESS thought… with a multitude of paths and interpretations.

    I’ll probably right a post next week on this… There is so much I could say on it, or strive for.

    I love these ideas!

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