Checking in. We are half way through after all

If you saw last night’s post full of ick, I’m feeling a little better today. I’ll be okay, I almost always bounce back fast. No, it’s not super awesome (yet), but I’m managing. Looking through Pinterest and seeing all the cute animals really helped last night. Now, I’m not really an animal lover type person, but it totally helped. How could it not?

How could you not smile at this one?

And this one just screams, “I TOLD YOU NOT TO DIVE FROM THE CLIFF!”

And then there was this inspired by this pin and my phone:

frankcatposeSee? Smiles. You can see my board of things that I like to look at because they make me smile here, or my board of funny things here.

Now to the timely portion of this post.


That’s what I wanted for myself this year. I’m doing…okay with it.

Productivity – I’m getting good quality work done, but I’m also getting better at telling myself what I can and can not take on. This is big and I hope to be able to keep doing this.

Kindness – I am certainly more kind to others than myself and I need to work on that still.

Learning – Life is all about learning. While I haven’t gotten started with a grad school program, I’ve been reading a lot more and have taken on new projects that force the learning curve.

Connection – Phone calls are still hit or miss with me, but I’ve been writing letters to far away friends who are as busy as I am.

Beauty – I’ve been working really hard at this. So often it’s easy to get wrapped up in our own heads and not see the beauty around us. To combat this, I’m making myself take photos of the strikingly beautiful things I see around me. The way the light hits a flower, a really good meal, an interesting sky…you get the idea.

Creativity – I’ve been exploring new to me crafting, embracing inspiration when it strikes (if I can!)

Leanness – This I struggle with on a daily basis.
Completion – I’m still working on this. Although I’ve finished a LOT of projects, I have a stack that need to be finished. I’m going to make it my absolute goal to finish them this summer before starting anything else (that hasn’t been specifically commissioned or ordered)

Stress – Between my brother being gone, stuff at work (not me specifically, but it impacts my work) and general stuff, I haven’t been as good about this as I should be. I’ve been better than previously, but I can do better.
Comparison – This is tough! Sometimes I actually have to remind myself outloud not to do this.
Criticism – I’ve been so much better about this towards others (I think.), but I still have to be more kind to myself. Why is it that I can cut others so much slack, but never myself?

I’ll keep working on it. These are things that will never be perfect or that I’ll be awesome at, but I can work on it.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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4 Responses to Checking in. We are half way through after all

  1. 🙂 Life is a journey… it’s full of work… That’s what makes it interesting.

    Glad you’re keeping your head up.

  2. rememberskye says:

    you are SO damn good at SO many things, and are just the BEST friend i and many others could wish for. so yes, cut yourself some slack. i wish you knew how many times i’ve wished i could be more like you. maybe it would help you realize the depth of your own value. i love you.

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