Favorite TV show reveals dating personality. So they say

This clearly isn’t scientific research and is just for fun. Sit back, sip your drink and enjoy.

Even though I had that Picnic with a Judge last summer, sometimes it’s fun to see what these lists/quizzes have to say about me. Sometimes they’re spot on…other times? Notsomuch.

Sue sent this to me this morning knowing that I enjoy a good list/quiz. After looking it over I was meh about the show selection. Out of the list of 80ish shows on the list of What Your Favorite Show Says About You on a Date”, I’ve only really watched a handful and to call them my favorites (other than Bones and in college Buffy) would be big stretch.

Here’s the ones I’ve liked enough to watch on a regular basis and my comments are in green:

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: You always go for the unattainable ones. (This might be true. I married a guy who lived 13 hours away when we met.)
  • Fringe: When you were a kid, your parents never let you stay up to watch “The X-Files.” (Not true, we watched it every week!)
  • Dexter: You have a dark secret that you think no one knows about. (They do.) (I don’t think I have a dark secret…)
  • Law & Order: SVU:  You have a firm belief in structure and would never stop what you’re doing while a cop asks about your whereabouts last night, and you’re a woman. (I’ve never been asked by a cop where I was the night before. Okay there was one time, but it wasn’t what you think. Unless you think it involved handcuffs and driver’s ed class.)
  • Sherlock: During the date, you’ll mention Benedict Cumberbatch no less than three times. (Not true. I don’t know who that is)
  • Elementary: You haven’t seen “Sherlock” but you’ve heard it’s good. (I’ve seen it! Granted I fall asleep, but I’ve watched.)
  • Bones: You love people with mild cases of OCD. (Haha, yeah I do.)
  • The Mentalist: You’re vertically challenged, but hot. (Thank you, although by average standards, I’m not short but since they thought I’d come in at 5’10” I’m a little short.)
  • CSI: You were born before 1970.(Nope, missed the 70s by 4 months.)

So while not entirely spot on, there was some truth. I have no idea why ER, NCIS, Suits, or Criminal Minds didn’t make this list, I wonder what insight those would lend?


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One Response to Favorite TV show reveals dating personality. So they say

  1. This was cute!

    What about Food Network Shows… or HGTV shows?

    I have been addicted to those recently!

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