Blog post, blog post, who’s got my blog post

Someone clearly stole my blog post because I can’t find it and I’ve got nothing. I think the whirlwind nature of the last few weeks is catching up to me and because of it I’m having a hard time putting together thoughts.

I have lots of thoughts about the last few weeks of The Voice. They range from Danielle Bradbery’s voice being perfect, but she’s unable to perform to how absolutely adorable and talented The Swon Brothers are to Usher and Michelle Chamuel having it bad for one another.

No, I don’t watch it on a regular basis, but after Bones and The Following were done, I happened upon it and the songs were fun. Plus I adore Blake Shelton and Usher looks like one of my old bosses.

I have a lot of thoughts about the weather. It’s raining more than usual (which many of you know!) but I actually like it. The ground needs it, maybe not quite so much, but it keeps my allergies at bay for a bit which I find to be endearing. I also have been enjoying the lightening storms.

I could write you a post about how Frank will come into a lot of money if I die, but it’s sort of morbid so I won’t. What I will tell you is how offended I acted when they told me that my premium was “less than you spend at Starbucks in two weeks”. Gawf. Ew. I don’t go to Starbucks if I can help it at all. They apologized.

But mostly you’re just going to get these photos from Cooperstown last weekend where I spent Father’s Day with Daddy-O, Frank’s Dad and Frank. (And Frank’s brother.)


And then I got this and today might not be too bad…
icecreamdayWho needs cohesive thoughts when you have free ice cream?

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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4 Responses to Blog post, blog post, who’s got my blog post

  1. Robbie says:

    Ok, I’ll be the one to ask, why is everyone wearing safety goggles ?

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