Time check!

We’re just over halfway through the month. How’s your time going?

f7fc00d1555214591c15ef6a99f1b8edIf you’d like the cliffs notes version, I asked for people to join me in June’s Pinspiration and posed this:

Here’s what I’m asking: For the month of June, let’s all think about the pin above and consciously make an effort to be more mindful of the topic of Time, however it relates to you. If that means making/finding time for something in your schedule or doing things when you think of them instead of “later” or whatever comes to mind when you think of Time, be more mindful of it.

To check in, June hasn’t been too bad for procrastination for me. To help, I’ve said no to things I didn’t think I could do and have been able to accomplish some things I didn’t think I’d get done.

I’ve written some letters, made phone calls when I thought of it and generally speaking, I’ve been doing things as soon as I could after I thought about it. (Sometimes I think of something like vacuuming at 2 am which isn’t the best time.) Sure there’s some work to still do and likely always will need to be done, but being mindful of time has been an interesting experience. How is yours going?

Something that I’ve been thinking about too is the time cost for things. What is my time worth to do something? Is it worth more when I do certain things than others?  (This question stems from a conversation about pricing crafty work, baked goods, and back yard swim lessons.)  Have any thoughts?

Remember that even if you didn’t start until today, you still started today and that’s better than not doing anything.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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3 Responses to Time check!

  1. Time Check-In:

    We have made more fun time for Emry. We have still been getting all of the work done, but we’ve been allowing Emry to have a life… Family time is very important, and overall we are happier.

    We did the carnival on Saturday… and we went at night fall… How much fun did we have? Epic AMOUNTS!

  2. I have to be very mindful of time – and make to do lists – otherwise nothing gets done. Also, I’ve been forcing myself to carve out specific time for writing – family – blogging so that I can balance everything properly!

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