Thursday Three – Questions! and a prize becuase I’m in the mood

Hey hey friends! (Foes too, although why you’d stop by to read, I have no idea. Your IP tag says you do though.) I hope your week is flying by and that you’re looking forward to the weekend. Anything fun planned?

This weekend has a benefit party for my uncle’s wife and travel to NJ for work. Not to worry, I’m leaving Frank at the house to watch out for Bats.  I’m making cupcakes and treats for the party, I just have to figure out how many and what kind…and I’m hoping to have a few extras to take to NJ for my boss and I.

I don’t have anything else of interest for you today other than Frank and I are having Chicken Nugget Parm tonight. Don’t judge. Or hate. I like it and after an hour in the pool this afternoon, it’ll be as complicated a dinner as I can manage!

Instead of interesting and fabulous things, I’d like to know more about you!20130606_112442

  1. What is your favorite new blog you’ve found to read lately?
  2. What is your go to happy song?
  3. Look to your left. What do you see?

Any questions for me?

Now let’s make it fun and make some new friends!

Here’s where the prize comes in.

Go to one of these blogs and find something to leave them a comment on and this link that BakingSuit sent you (They have no idea I’m doing this, they only seem to need a little love.) Let me know you did.

Girls Got Shine
Katie Blogs
The Kim Challenge

(one entry each)

Go to the blog of the commenter above you (if they don’t have one or your first, you can go to one of the above.)  and leave them a bit of love and this link that BakingSuit sent you Let me know you did.

(one entry each)

Tweet it! You can use this text if you’d like. “Thursday Three – Questions! and a prize because @BakingSuit is in the mood”

(one entry each)

Answer the three questions above.

(one entry)

What’s in it for you? How about $25 to Amazon, iTunes, Marshalls or Court is Crafty? Winner picks.

This is open til next Thursday (6/13/13). Entries will be verified and chosen via random number something or other. Good luck!


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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19 Responses to Thursday Three – Questions! and a prize becuase I’m in the mood

  1. Robbie says:

    To my left believe it or not is Cookie Monster hanging on to a wire from my desk light

  2. Erinn says:

    Here’s my answers:

    1) – A new knitting stitch every week

    2) Blessed by Brett Dennen – always makes me smile

    3) a small red fan

  3. Erinn says:

    Posted on Girls Got Shine

  4. Ashley M. says:


    1. I recently got into A Beautiful Mess ( Those girls are so talented and awesome! LOVE.

    2. I have lots of go-to happy songs, but the one that I really love right now is ‘Drink in My Hand’ by Eric Church. It’s so catchy and makes me want to dance.

    3. To my left is my cell, my work phone, and a pic of my baby brother who is currently in Belize on an archeological dig!!

    Questions for you….

    1. Who is your current celeb crush?
    2. What is your go-to party song? Gets you in the mood to go out and have a ball?
    3. What do you think of maxi skirts?

  5. Ashley M. says:

    Oh and I commented on Katie’s Blog. She’s pretty awesome dude!

  6. BatGirl says:

    I love the things to your left! 😀 Directly to my left there are a bunch of files, a desktop organizer with a bevy of colored highlighters, a large potted plant (which is actually taller than I am), a note pad, and my desk calendar.

  7. 1)
    He does really great picture posts… Just love it!

    2) Go to Happy Song… um, as of recently… that new Pink Song… with the guy from Fun!….
    “We’re not broken, just bent…and we can learn to love again.”
    Anytime it is on… I am singing it FULL VOLUME! Passerby’s get scared!

    3) I see my work phone… stupid work phone… and a Teal Pen… OOOH, I love teal!


    I also commented on Katie’s Blog and Girl’s Got Shine…

    Thanks for a fun and interactive post.

  8. DUDE WHAT. I had two new little awesome commenters today and they were all loving and wonderful and I come here and see what you did.


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  10. Sue says:

    I left a comment for Katie because she was in your list and because the comment above mine is hers. Does that count twice? 🙂

    Answers to questions…

    Favorite new blog: I got nothin’, sorry. I’m barely keeping up with the current blogs I like at this point.

    Happy song: Don’t laugh – currently it’s “Popular” from the Wicked soundtrack.

    To my left: Desk organizer filled with piles of paper I don’t feel like handling, a really cool highligher, some post-it tags, and a chip-clip. There’s also a tall cup filled with plastic forks, because no matter how much work there is, my main focus is how I’ll manage to eat my lunch.

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