Old word ‘ ku


Is it me or has this been the longest dang week ever? Okay maybe not EVER, but in a long time. So how are you? I’m seriously looking forward to this weekend. We had plans to help a friend with her deck, but Mother Nature had other ideas it seems. Instead I am now cleaning, napping and crafting. Maybe. Who knows if the cleaning will happen. Do you have plans for the (hopefully for you too,) long weekend?

Yesterday I found this list of old words that aren’t used all that much anymore. In an effort to bring them back, I’ve written a haiku for five of them.

gather round and hark!
have winning lotto numbers
just not sure what day

she said to him, quaff!
this triple shot of so co
i’ll drive your drunk self

be a tomnoddy
to turn her deal down – too good
is he that foolish?

ring? was a gubbins
sits in her jewlery box
that twist tie’s precious

although not pleasant
gibbs slap better than pizzle
not dried bull penis

Okay, so they’re not great…but I hope you enjoy them! Feel free to rewrite them in the comments below.

What “old time-ey” word do you wish would be brought back?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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