Three Words Thursday – Pumpkin, thumb tack, Johnny Depp

A couple of weeks ago, I put out a call for people who wanted to participate in my the Three Word Game. The idea is this, I give them three words, they give me a short story. Simple, right? I had a few people reply right away and I’m excited to share their stories with you!

Please welcome my dear friend and often as we can partner in crime, BatGirl! BatGirl doesn’t have a blog, but she’s generous with her time and talent and willing to write here upon occasion. I love it when she does.

Sitting at the kitchen table, Kate tilted her coffee cup and gazed at the bottom of it. The last few sips had been a little gritty, but coffee was coffee, especially at 7:00am. So this is what being the mother of twin six year olds meant. Actually enjoying being awake early on a Saturday, simply because it afforded her a half hour or so of calm and quiet before the chaos started for the day.

Staring at the grounds that had managed to sneak past the filter into her cup, she made a mental list of tasks for the day.

Pumpkin picking. She had promised the kids they would do it this weekend. Halloween was a week away and they had asked every night this week when they could carve jack-o-lanterns. It would be the first thing they asked about when they came down stairs this morning.

The local nursery always had the best selection and the kid s loved going there, no matter the occasion. This past spring they had wandered up and down the rows of flowers, sniffing as many as they could reach on their tip-toes. Kate smiled, remembering the image of two small heads full of fluffy blond hair, bounding along, literally stopping to smell the roses.

Grocery shopping. This was a given on a Saturday. She rose from the table and walked to the cork board mounted on the side of the refrigerator. Thumb tacked to the top left corner was a small stack of coupons that she had planned to use last week and had completely forgotten. Two had expired but the rest were still good.

She was pouring herself a refill as Jack wandered into the kitchen.

“Good morning, babe,” he said, kissing her on the forehead as she was mid sip.

She handed him the mug and reached into the cabinet for another.

“Thank you.”

He took his first few sips in relative silence, save for a few sighs and a “yumm.”

She watched as he bent his head over the cup and breathed in the smell of the coffee, his hair just barely brushing his cheek bones. It had sort of a Johnny Depp type quality to it that she loved.

“I thought we could do the pumpkin picking today.”


Her son stood in the doorway in his rumpled pajamas with pillow lines still in his face.

“We’re getting pumpkins?!”

“Yup,” she said with a smile.

Tommy turned and flew up the stairs, presumably to wake his sister and share the good news.

“And they’re off!” Jack laughed.


I love this. Such a lovely story, a little peak into their day if you will. Thank you BatGirl!

If you want three words, just let me know and I’ll give you some!

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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6 Responses to Three Words Thursday – Pumpkin, thumb tack, Johnny Depp

  1. Robbie says:

    This was great !!!!! You rock BatGirl !

  2. Sue says:

    Love! BatGirl does rock.

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