Friday Coffee Date

20130426_091344Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week was better, less stressful, and more enjoyable than last week.

As you can see, I’m wearing my flamingo scarf today and although you can’t see it, I assure you I have my Kahlua flavored coffee today. Care to join me for a cup and a chat?

How are you today? Your lip gloss is a great shade for you. What’s new?

New around here? Well, I’m playing a game that I was inspired by Yes and Yes to create. I’m really excited about it. Basically? I give you three words and you give me back a short story (300ish words) about them for a guest post.  I’ve already had some really talented writers say yes to me and they have their words. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Also, I’ve heard from my brother a few times in the past week which lets me relax just a little. I’m pretty good at keeping the anxiety in check, but sometimes (like when we get word that there’s been an incident) I get a little, um, stressed. I’m managing.

Oh and I have to share this new blog I found with you.  Melina writes at The Wilder Coast. She’s a professional writer who takes beautiful photos and writes equally beautiful words about her adventurous life. If I could let go of the stability I have and my crafting supplies and shoes, I imagine my life might look much like hers.  (Shhh I can dream, right?)

I think that’s it for now, I have to run. Let me know if you want some words to write a guest post with and if you’ve found any blogs I might want to read. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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16 Responses to Friday Coffee Date

  1. Great pic! I could really go for a good cup of coffee right now… Mmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Robbie says:

    Ok, I have my coffee, let’s have a date ! I love love love the scarf !! Glad to hear the Bro has been able to touch base with you 🙂 That makes me happy. I pray for his safety everynight while praying for my own family. What’s new with me ? Well you know that because you follow my facebook. But I can tell you that I have had the most amazing April in this history of Aprils 🙂 Hope you have a fabulous weekend ! I sure wish June would hurry up and get here.

    • Court says:

      Why thank you love! Yes, it’s nice that he can be in touch and I thank you for your prayers. Yes, you have had an awesome April, CONGRATS TO YOU!! and I’m totally looking forward to June.

  3. Sue says:

    What a fabulous picture! You are beautiful.

    You already know what’s up with me. Nothing new has developed since my last text 20 minutes ago. 🙂

    • Court says:

      Haha why thank you! I was goofing off in the kitchen when I took it 🙂

      I’m glad today is better than yesterday. I hope nothing screws that up for you

  4. Ashley M. says:

    I don’t particularly like coffee, but I have tea! Ready set chat! I like your scarf, it’s very cheery! My phone is acting up, which is new, and not so fun. I would like words! I think that would be fun! I’m glad you got to talk to your brother. I don’t really know how stressful that is, but I do know how it feels to have siblings far away (really really sucky). I can only imagine how it would be with them in a dangerous situation! I’m keeping you and him in my thoughts! That’s all for now, I’m glad we’ve become chat buddies!

    • Court says:

      Thank you for joining me for a cuppa. You can have tea, I’ll stick to joe. 😉

      I will send you words under a separate email. Be ready! They’re random.

      I don’t know how to put into words how weird it is for him to be away. He’s out of contact a lot for trainings in the middle of nowhere, but it’s really hard knowing how dangerous it is. We’re almost to the end of the first month. There’s somewhere between 8-13 more to go.

  5. Me says:

    I’m late to the party, but I do have a cup of coffee. Please send me words – what I come up with won’t be good enough to print, but may well be very entertaining. I’ll make them about Frank.

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