Thursday Three – “Good music” that makes my heart smile.

I was having a conversation recently about music and what makes good music. While neither of us are music scholars and what defines “good” is mostly subjective, we agree that good music pulls at you in some way. It might be that the voice of the singer makes your soul vibrate, the lyrics resonate in your heart, or the music itself gets in your head and makes you smile. Whatever it has that draws you to it is what makes it good music for you.

We started chatting about the music that many don’t agree as being good music, but that resides in a special place in our hearts. He confessed that his was Wham! And I smiled because although Wham! doesn’t do much for me, my very own guilty pleasure happy music is basically any One Hit Wonder from about 1995-Present Day. (Not that I feel that way about every song on every list, but a vast majority do it for me.)

There are few redeeming qualities from the majority of One Hit Wonders or Wham!, but they evoke strong happy memories for us in our hearts and rarely fail to make us smile. Call it guilty pleasure music if you’d like, but I see nothing wrong with loving iffy “good music” good and hard.

Since it’s Thursday Three, I’ll share 2 more:

  1. Any One Hit Wonder from about 1995-Present Day (Notable examples include Tubthumping, New Age Girl, Possum Kingdom links take you to YouTube
  2. Shaggy
  3. Cyndi Lauper

How about you? What music (that others would chuckle at) makes your heart smile?

***As an aside, I didn’t see it last night, but this made me cry this morning. Bruins and Sabers fans alike singing the Star Spangled Banner for Boston.***


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3 Responses to Thursday Three – “Good music” that makes my heart smile.

  1. Sue says:

    The Star Spangled Banner from last night’s hockey game made me cry.

    I consider any pop-type music of the moment to be a guilty pleasure. When I catch myself having a little mini-dance party in my car to One Direction, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato or – and this is awful – Justin Bieber, I definitely feel guilty.

  2. kathy says:

    Got my squat on to “tubthumping” at class last night.

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