Distractions all over the place

I know I have it better than most for which I’m insanely grateful for and that this post will come off as whining. I’m sorry for that in advance. Stuff is just bugging me right now and getting it out helps. Also, as soon as I was done writing this, I went and did something good for someone else.

It’s not a secret that I have a short attention span and I’ve learned to accept this about myself over the years. I’ve also learned to use it to my advantage because it means I can switch between tasks quickly and efficiently. Mostly.

Also, did you know that caffeine help? I’m serious it works sort of like a low dose of Ritalin.

This past weekend was one of acceptance that sometimes, I just can’t focus on one thing and I flit around from project to project like if you pushed the channel surf button on the tv. That’s what it’s like in my head right now. I can usually deal because it’s my general state of mind.

But sometimes, when it feels like the distraction means I’m doing nothing right,  it’s  just really hard to accept. It’s hard to be okay with the fact that I ruined a pan of eggs, spilled part of a milk shake on the floor because I put it down, got distracted and kicked it over, that I’ll have to redo something I made for someone because there’s a pretty big mistake in it, and I didn’t have Pope Francis draw a name out of the hat for this giveaway. I also didn’t make the boozy candy I thought sounded really good, but after the eggs? Wasn’t going to try it.

You might be saying, “But Court, I do stuff like that all the time! It’s okay!” I know, but I also know the difference in my head between “Crap, I forgot.” and “Brain slow down and let’s get this done right.”

I know where it’s coming from at the moment, I have a lot on my mind with stuff at the pool, stuff at my office job, my brother’s deployment and family stuff around that, and whoremones to boot, but it’s disconcerting and I don’t like it. This too will pass, but silver lining? You have at least another day to enter the giveaway.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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4 Responses to Distractions all over the place

  1. **HUGS**

    That’s all you need. No sympathy or empathy… just a hug.

    (That milkshake wasn’t worth it anyway… LOVE YOU!)

  2. Robbie says:

    Not one to promote medication, but I have a little anti-anxiety drug that not only does it help my heart palapatations during my anxiety attacks, I also notice, that it helps me stay focused ! And it’s a take a needed. May not be for you but it works for me. Maybe??

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