Adventures in hooping

It’s not a secret that I like to try new things. Perhaps it’s a sense of adventure or the ADD in me that constantly has me seeking out new experiences, projects and things to do, but I really get into (I also have been known to move on quickly, but that’s not the point today.) Chances are, if you ask me to join you for something and I have the free time and the cash money, I’m in. (Hence my Reader Challenge and year and a half of pole dancing class.)hula1

My friend Kathy has been talking about the fun that is her Hula Fit class for quite sometime and inviting and encouraging others to join her. Unfortunately, it wasn’t at a time that I could make. Until I was done teaching Saturdays that is.

Not last weekend, but the one before that, I joined her.

I went to their website, picked a class, paid for it and was all set. When I got there the day of, I met Kathy, the instructor Maryann, and the other ladies in the class. Let me tell you that Maryann was a doll. She was encouraging and easy to understand, helping me get started and then giving into my request to be left to my own devices to figure it out from there.  (It’s how I learn.)

Did you know that hula hooping requires a back and forth or side to side movement and not a swivel? Maybe that’s why I sucked at it all those previous tries?!

The class was super fun, much more of a workout than I anticipated and went quickly. Although I wasn’t able to participate in all the moves, I tired my best and hopefully next time will go even better! (I’m looking forward to the warmer temps when they do it outside.)

The class I took was $8 which I didn’t think was bad at all. Because I liked it, I’ll likely get the 6 class pass for the bit of a discount. (I think Kathy has an unlimited pass. She loves it that much!) I’m going to be quite upfront and tell you that before I took that class, I had never been able to Hula Hoop. Seriously. For all the things I can get my body to do, that was not one of them. Now? I can go for about 20-30 seconds at a time. I call that a victory.

If you’re local, grab a friend, sign up and have at it! It’s fun and BatGirl is just finding this out while she reads it, but next time she visits, we’re so going to do it.



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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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4 Responses to Adventures in hooping

    I love it.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    I’ve never been able to hula hoop… but, maybe I can find a class and give it a try!

  2. Robbie says:

    Can I tell you how much I LOVE that picture 🙂 With nothing to smile about today, I found myself grinning. Next time I come for a visit you should take me to a class ! I love to hula hoop !!!!

  3. I can’t even get over that picture of you! BEST PHOTO EVER! You’re so freaking adorable!

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