Coffee Date 2

282527_933729346902_7558643_nLast week was so much fun that I thought I’d give this Coffee Date another go! I don’t know that it’ll be an every week sort of thing, but I’m in for today. Are you?

(I discovered some fun new blogs to read and will be updating the Gateway to Others soon, so if you’d like your link posted, leave a note!)

Why do this? One of the things I love most about blogging has been the community aspect of it. I love connecting with others and am always down for meeting other bloggers. (If you’re new here, my husband and I met through blogging.) This is another great way to connect with others, maybe make a few new Net Friends and maybe learn something new about each other. I think it goes without saying that I’m incredibly thankful for the friends that blogging has brought to my life.

Today, Alissa is asking about your 5 favorite beauty products which if you’d like to share, please go over and tell her. While I have lots of makeup and nail polish, beauty isn’t my thing. Maybe I’ll dig deep and figure some out for you next week. I can tell you it’s easy peasy and mostly the same stuff I’ve worn forever…if I’m wearing it at all!

Today if we were meeting for coffee, tea, sushi, whatever, I’d like to say thank you for being there for me, between the comments left on yesterday’s post and the messages and texts sent directly to me, well yesterday could have been a lot worse in the grand scheme of things. Big virtual bear hugs all around! I did end up having a long ugly cry, but I feel less fragile than I did yesterday and am turning my focus elsewhere.

I’d also tell you that while the number on the scale is not budging (GRRR) my pants are fitting better so I’m guessing that’s a win. I’m also (oddly) looking forward to the chance to run for more than 20 min today after work. Let’s make it clear. I don’t like running and don’t know that I ever will, but I’m not hating it and that’s a start. Plus it’s making my back side more perky!

(If this continues, I’ll have to have a pair of running shoes added to my header!)

That’s it for now, I have to get a refill on my Kahlua flavored coffee.

So I turn the question to you – If we were having coffee (tea, sushi, whatever), what would you tell me?

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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