Wtf? Teen moms have rights too

So did you hear about the teen Mom in Delaware? She wants to breastfed her baby for a full year. This means pumping during the day and her school says no. Sure she’s a teen Mom, but she’s trying to do the best by her son and her school is (currently) standing in her way. Two things: Delaware law says employers have to provide space for breastfeeding moms to pump and any breastfeeding mom has the right to do so anywhere they are legally allowed to be. (Like NY) Why can’t the extend the right to teens in schools? Even without the argument that teens have to be in school, it’s just the right thing to do. Sure she can go to the program for teen moms, but she’s doing well in her regular classes, why take that away from her? Let her have a chance to succeed. She wants a place to sit partway though the day so she can pump. Not traditional? Sure, difficult? Not really. And that, my friends, is today’s WTF?


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2 Responses to Wtf? Teen moms have rights too

  1. Awesome Amy says:

    I am not familiar with the story, but I guess I don’t understand why she can’t just go hang out in the nurse’s office?

  2. I’m with Amy on this one.
    Why can’t she go to the nurses office?

    At least she is trying to do the right thing by her son…. provide him with the best source of nourishment he can have at this age. (I wasn’t able to do it for a year, but if my body allowed, I would have). She is also trying to stay in school, do well, and then be able to provide for her son in the future.

    Sounds like the school is bass-ackwards.

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