Frank said…#18

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We were at the Loudon Wainwright show this weekend and there was a break between the opening act, Nerissa and Katryna Nields (I have more to say about them later) and LW3.  Frank had something to say about it.

(If you’re not familiar with LW3, he’s a folk singer who mostly plays to the late 50s and up demographic. He’s hysterically funny, poignant and a fantastic performer.)

Frank: I don’t like intermissions between acts.
Me: Why not?
Frank: They should just power through! Tag Team!! Yeah!
Me: Look around, sweetie, I imagine these people have to go to the bathroom or stretch their not so young joints.
Frank: That’s crap. Everyone should get a catheter with their ticket. Catheters for all!
Me: Blinks.


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1 Response to Frank said…#18

  1. Frank says:

    I had envisioned some kind of Oprah-style announcement: “Now everyone check under your seats! Yeahhhh…EVERYONE gets a catheter!”

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