Photos from Chicagoland

Hotel Hansen Accommodations

Abby is a lonely puppy.

Santa’s Army.
Literally, about 100 Santas.
You can’t see the ones on the porch.


A real milk shake with real fruit.
Could have stopped there and I’d be a happy girl,
but they added mini shortbread cookies on the straw.
I wanna go back.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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4 Responses to Photos from Chicagoland

  1. ashallann says:

    Kit Kats on pillows AND a Santa Army? This is my kind of trip!

  2. Lucy says:

    Wow,a Santa Army and that milkshake,yummy!! Oh, and can’t forget the Kit Kats on the pillows,heaven 🙂

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