It’s an uphill battle, but I’ve got to try. Right?

Officially, when I stepped on the scale yesterday, it read the same number that it did earlier this year when I decided that I had to do something about my weight and the size of my butt.

Intellectually, I realize that getting on the scale the day after returning from Thanksgiving travel while PMS whoremones are being super special and holding onto a crap ton of extra water weight was likely a bad idea, but apparently the intellectual part of my brain doesn’t talk to the part of my brain that likes to torture me.

So I did it. At least I didn’t cry. I get points for that right? I really felt like it though when I realized it would mean that I wouldn’t be completing a goal I had for the fall.

I know the drill. Less food in general, more specifically, less crappy food, more so and more moving. It’s an equation that’s worked well for me in the past and hopefully will work for me again. The tricky part is the crappy food part. I really do love the holiday foods that are so prevalent through this part of the year! (And I have some treats to share with you too!)

Why do the holidays have to be so delicious?

So today gets me back on WW, a few hundred yards in the pool between lessons if there’s time and mindful eating. I don’t need to be “skinny” or even “thin”, right now, I just want to reach in my closet and know that the first pair of jeans I pull out will fit.

I realize I sound like a broken record with some of this crap and I hate that I do. Monday’s will be check in days like they used to be and hopefully I’ll be able to keep myself back on track…Even with the holidays and all the yummy food that comes along with them. I don’t have big goals at the moment so let’s say my first short term goal is 5lbs and my first long term goal is 13lbs.

I know many of you will wish me luck and I very much appreciate that. Also, please don’t offer me cookies or candy or pizza or meatball subs etc. I appreciate that too, cause right now I don’t want to say No! It’s the holidays! Bring on the junk food…at least that’s what my brain says. My brain is mean sometimes.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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3 Responses to It’s an uphill battle, but I’ve got to try. Right?

  1. ” PMS whoremones” – best phrase ever!

  2. Robin says:

    As many times as you talk about your battle with your whoremones and water weight is as many times as I will tell you are you beautiful, honey we all fall off the diet -eat well – wagon this time off year – just go easy on yourself. Treat YOU the way you treat others and smile luv.

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