Someone went to Saratoga Paint and Sip and all you got was this blog post

20121115_204654I haven’t been doing so much baking lately because I just haven’t been feeling it. One of the things that I did attempt to make was a spice cake in a bunt pan and I managed to burn it (evenly) all the way around. It was really quite impressive.

I have been doing a lot of crafting (digitally and otherwise) to get ready for the holiday, for some not for profits, for my sister in laws photography business, and gasp yes, some for me too.

Last night, the girls and I went out for some painting fun.

We went to a place called Saratoga Paint and Sip and it was fun. Saratoga is a bit out of the way for me on a work night, but we were done by 9pm so it wasn’t terrible.

The project of the day was a Solo Calla Lily (each day has a different project) and I was actually really nervous that mine would end up looking like a vagina.

What? Flowers so often do!

Luckily, I wasn’t restricted to pink colors and opted for some dark purple base color to get things started.

Here’s the thing, I’m a decent crafter, I can do some basic design work, photography, and some other fun things, but I am not an artist. I can not draw more than stick figures on a regular basis and painting other than flat walls, finger painting, or paint by numbers isn’t something I consider myself to be good at. At all! Yes, I have basic brush skills, know some color theory, and flat painting taught me a lot about blending. I am NOT a painter or an artist. I don’t know how else to make that clear.

(I know and am related to some people who are some truly wonderful artists. I am not one of them and it is not up for debate. My creative gifts are strictly of the “here’s what I have, what can I make out of it” type. )

That said, I’m pleased with my painting and am going to credit the instructor with that fact. Lindsey was really good. She walked us through each step and helped those less artistically inclined. She was good, patient, enthusiastic, and funny. Every so often she’s call for us to raise our glasses and have a toast/cheers.

Over all, it was fun. A little pricey, but they have their overhead etc to deal with. When we went it was $38 plus whatever you wanted to drink ($2-$5 per glass/soda/beer bottle with a decent selection) I have canvas and paint at home so next time I want to do something like this I’ll probably stay home unless there’s a deal or special occasion to do it. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun to be out with the girls, though, and that’s really what matters, right?


If you want to check Saratoga Paint and Sip out, you can Like them on facebook or follow their tweets. According to their calendar and website, they also do team building sessions, private parties, birthday parties and fundraising projects. I looked at all of the possible projects they currently have on their calendar and there’s some pretty stuff featured and mostly it seems pretty easy. Especially since they walk you through it.

***Saratoga Paint and Sip has not compensated me in any way for this post. I paid them to go and as per usual, the opinions are my own. ***

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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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11 Responses to Someone went to Saratoga Paint and Sip and all you got was this blog post

  1. This is cool! My sister lives up your way… I am sending her the link to the venue.

    Now… in that picture… is that “Not the Life I ordered” Miss Sue “Awesomeness” Rock?


    Glad you ladies had fun.

  2. Robin says:

    Your flower is awesome ! Having fun was all the matters ! I love Sue’s too 🙂

  3. Late Bloomer says:

    I’m impressed, Baking Suit — love the colors you chose. And I love Georgia O’Keefe. Sounds like fun!

  4. Oh man! I love this! And your painting is GORGEOUS!

  5. Sue says:

    Kateri Von Steal – Guilty as charged.

    Robin – Thanks!

    I believe any creativity I’m displaying is because I spend so much time with Baking Suit. She’s a good influence. 🙂

    • I believe you have it in you – everyone does somewhere – I’m just good at dragging it out!

      I was incredibly lucky to have people who encouraged it and who were creative themselves to help foster it. I’m just doing my part to further that along.

      On the Go! Can you catch me?

  6. ashallann says:

    Wow that looks amazing! Sounds like a really fun night out, wonder if they ever do a bogo or anything.

  7. Thanks for blogging about your experience at Saratoga Paint and Sip Studio! I’m glad you guys had a good time. We offer deals and give-aways through our Facebook and Twitter pages and you can find us in the Spa City Packs for a 2FOR1 deal. We hope to see you again soon!!

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