Thursday Three – Things I’ll miss most this year about the holidays

I had to run to Target at lunch and return a pair of pants.  (Unrelated. Why do they never look the same at home as they do in the store?) I was wandering around the store as I’m wont to do and came across the Christmas section. I was looking around at the ornaments when a set of pretty, sparkly owls caught my eye. Without thinking, I put it in my cart and mentally checked Mehmere’s Christmas gift off the list.

Right. You can see where this is going. Lots of almost tears. Yeah, I was that girl.

Thankfully, a woman almost took me out with her cart as she came around the corner (no fault of hers, why don’t they have stop lights at the aisle ends?) and we shared a laugh.

It led me to think about the things this year that I’ll be missing because she’s no longer with us. While the list is long and some items seem inconsequential, I’ve narrowed it down to three things I’ll miss the most:

  1. Her marveling over each and every “treasures”. Generally it was something Purple (My cousin Mike won best gift one year with a bag of Yahoo swag.) Anything sugar free candy related was next best. I will NEVER forget her holding her new white with purple flower nightgown up high, giving it a shake, and declaring it “Sexy!”
  2. The assortment of pie. She would make pumpkin pie, apple pie (the kind I don’t prefer), blueberry pie and sometimes more. She’d also make a pan of lemon bars for the boys to split. Mostly, it was from scratch although if Coconut Cream made an appearance, that was from the freezer.  I make a fantastic apple pie, but I’m going to have to learn to make pumpkin and blueberry now too.
  3. All of us climbing over each other in her small house to be together for the holiday. Sometimes literally, always with affection. There was a snow storm that 11 of us slept in that little house because we got 4 feet of snow that day/night. Dinner was at served at 10pm, Dex had way too much fun with the snow blower and we taught my teen aged cousin what it meant to be the Champagne of Beers. It was a great night.

I know I’m not likely to forget our holiday traditions and that I’ll make new/more going forward, but I will miss the ones with her this year.


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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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4 Responses to Thursday Three – Things I’ll miss most this year about the holidays

  1. Roz says:

    When people say that time will gradually heal the pain, this is what they mean. You’re not feeling the intense, post death grief. You just make your way through the day when something gets you, then gets you thinking. You’ll make new holiday traditions to be sure. But you’ll never forget the old ones–nor should you. Just try not to be sad for too long.

  2. He Said His Telephone Number Was 911 says:

    “…and mentally checked Mehmere’s Christmas gift off the list.” I know that moment. Last year was the first since my dad’s passing. I was out a few weeks before Christmas, when I picked up a coffee-table book, and thought to myself “Dad will like thi…”, when I realised what I was thinking. While her loss will be felt, the great memories will help to ease the pain, and prompt a smile.

  3. Autumn says:

    I’m sorry she’s not physically here but I’m REALLY glad that the lady almost took you out with the cart and distracted you. Distractions are sometimes the best thing.

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