Guest Post – Non-Mama Talk

My dear friend D’Lovely was kind enough to write for me! She writes at Mooshkatoo about “about all things mamahood” as she puts it, but I have been blessed to know her in her non-mama life. I could go on and on about how awesome she is, but I’ll just say I’m a lucky lucky girl to have her in my life. Also you should know that even though she “feels 8 months pregnant” (a direct quote), she is stunningly beautiful about it.

Ok, so Baking in My Bathing Suit’s rule for guest posting is simple: just blog about something you wouldn’t normally blog about on your own stinkin’ blog.

Easy, right?

My blog – Mooshkatoo is one of the 87 gazillion mama blogs out there on the blogosphere (ok, I should probably work on my PR skills). On it, I indulgently write about all things mamahood – from the silly to the serious, from the mundane to the “holy CRAP – that happened!” moments. Those who are NOT interested in finding out about my daughter’s current obsession with diaper cream should probably NOT read my blog.

So this whole guest blogging thing is a test. For the past 10 months of blogging, I haven’t really posted about any non-mama issues. Honestly, there aren’t many NON-mama subjects I can write about. I’m eight months pregnant and I have a two year old daughter who very adorably, very lovingly, rules my entire life. At this point, I just kind of BREATHE mamahood, you know?

I DO go to work every day. I COULD write about work. But even at work, I am currently caught up in the whole “oh lord, I could pop any day now – I’d better make sure SOMEONE around this office knows how to do my job” whirlwind. So if I wrote about work, I’d really just be writing about my maternity leave, which is mom-related. FAIL.

Sure, there are other things I love in life, other than my child(ren) and husband… I love food (but if I write about food, I will write about how I am trying not to gain more than a pound a week for the next four weeks… and that, you see, would be pregnancy/mama related)… I love clothes (but if I write about clothes, I would write about how much it sucks that all my maternity clothes are barely even fitting me any more)… I love television (but if I write about television, I will write about The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, because that is pretty much all we are watching in our house these days)… I care about the presidential elections, of course (but if I write about the presidential elections, I would write about how much MORE I care about the presidential elections, now that I am a mama)… FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL.

This is a lot of pressure.

OH, I just thought of something! I’ve had a cold for two weeks now, and it has been really really aggravating! I finally went to the doctor yesterday, and he put me on antibiotics and gave me an inhaler to help me breathe during my coughing spasms. He told me he couldn’t give me the inhaler with the codeine in it because codeine crosses through the blood stream so the baby would be effected by it. And he also told me that it is easy for pregnant women to get sinus infections because their mucus membranes are all crazy and out of control and…


See? I did it. I made my story about having a cold into a story about being pregnant.


Dang it. Baking in My Bathing Suit, I really DID want to do good by you. I wanted to write about fun, non-mama related stuff that would entertain and amuse your readers.

For now, please accept this attempt at a blog post. And know that maybe in a few (or eighteen) years, I will be more than happy to guest blog about my long-anticipated, very-much-needed, child-free Caribbean vacation.

D’Lovely, I hope you get that long-anticipated, very-much-needed, child-free Caribbean vacation. If you want me to, I’ll watch the kids and you can have it sooner. And the Mama talk is just fine, hopefully, I’ll be joining you in it someday!


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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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4 Responses to Guest Post – Non-Mama Talk

  1. BatGirl says:

    Hahahaha! D’Lovely, the post was still, well, LOVELY!

  2. D’Lovely did a FABULOUS job!

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