I forgot how this feels, getting it done.

Building off Friday’s post that gave you a little look inside my head and ideas, I can tell you that I spent the weekend not doing things that I’d had planned due to GermBastards slowing me down, but doing things that made the crafting part of my soul happy. I finished some projects I’ve been working on, got them ready to ship out and have them ready to go to the post office after work.

I’m pretty excited about the ones I’ve finished, so excited in fact that I neglected to take photos of them before I sent them off. Go me! Hopefully the people getting them will take pics for me and I can share later.

Over the weekend, Frank and I went to a store to pick up a specific skein of yarn and wandered through the fabric section where he found robot fabric. It matches his robot blanket and he’s excited that he can now have matching pjs. Hell, I might as well put some of this sewing ability to good use and make him the happiest husband on the block, right?

Sunday I was out with Sue and picked up some other fabrics, coordinating zippers and threads. Pattern in my grubby hands, I have a fun new treat for myself and maybe you too! We’ll have to see how it goes. I’m a little nervous because I’ve never tried projects such as these before.

Because I’m the optimistic sort, I also opened myself an Etsy Shop (Court is Crafty). It’s not the first attempt, but I’m hoping this will be a smarter and better attempt at it. I don’t know that I actually care if I sell things, I like doing it and all my goodies can’t live with me forever so why not make a few bucks off it if I can convince people that it’s the bees knees? Or at least good enough that they want it?

I hope to show off some of the fun things I’m working on in the next few weeks mixed in with the usual fun and ridiculousness. Please bear with me. If this isn’t your sort of thing then I hope you’ll still come visit and skim through…and let me know what is so I can include a little bit of that for you too.

I don’t suppose you know where I was going with this post? Neither do I other than to say that I have lots of fun projects going on right now that make the crafting part of my soul happy.


About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to I forgot how this feels, getting it done.

  1. Well, it sounds like you had a very productive weekend! I’m off to check out your Court is Crafty – Etsy Shop!


    Just saying

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