It’s already been a Day and it’s only just past 10am.

Today? It’s been a Day already. I feel like my name should be Alexander. It seems nothing is going right. Sigh. Just what’s wrong? I’ll tell you:

  • It all started with the cold water going off in the shower. I have no idea why it does this, but it hurts like a mofo to all the sudden be standing in scalding hot water.  This generally  happens right after I get the shampoo in my hair or the body soaped up and because my Go Go Gadget arms are broken I can’t reach the shower knobs to turn the hot water down and I have to get out of the shower, open the shower curtain further and then drip soap all over everything.
  • I thought I put together a pretty snazzy outfit for today until I looked in the mirror and burst into tears. I looked just awful. It wasn’t the outfit, that was snazzy! (Charcoal slacks, white shirt, blue sweater cardigan) It was the ME  IN the outfit. Icky-icky-poo. It only took me 3 other tries to find something else to wear.
  • Now because I was totally upset and distracted about the clothes thing, I forgot to refill my bottle of milk to take to work with me. (Work only provides half and half or powdered creamer. No thanks! I’ll bring my own.) So I only have enough milk at work for one cup of coffee. This makes me a sad and cranky panda because I’m still pretty wiped out and will certainly need more coffee.
  • I realized I forgot the milk as I was in my car, down the block with 3 cars behind me and stuck behind the garbage truck. I live near a college with a lot of commuter students so I couldn’t even nab another parking spot and run inside again. Oh, then I sat behind the garbage truck for the rest of the street.
  • When I managed to get to the highway to take to my office, I was in in the middle of 3 lanes, in front of a large black  SUV type car who was riding my ass. There was no one in either of the other ones mind you, just me and him at this point. I looked down to see if I was going slow. Nope, I was going 70 (oops) and since I was  refusing to go more than 70 and he’s like shaking his fist and glaring at me as he passed me. You’d think I peed in his cereal or something.

Here’s the thing: I feel terrible whining about reacting so negatively to  having a bad morning. My morning is nothing compared to the day some people have every single day. I get that and it makes me feel like a lousy human being to feel so sorry for myself because I had a rough morning.

So to everyone who has a worse morning every day than I did today, I apologize for my pity party and hope that something gives and you get a break. To Tuesday? I ask you to ease up a little. Thanks.

About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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2 Responses to It’s already been a Day and it’s only just past 10am.

  1. Sue says:

    Tuesday is being a total poopy-head to me, too.

    Here’s to Wednesday!

  2. Emmy's Mama says:

    Sorry you had such a rough start to the day, my love. Hoping that your dance class helped end the day on a good note. And maybe Emmy saying “I love you, Courtey” (which she truly does… she was talking about you as I put her to sleep last night)…:)

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