Guest Post – Getting back on track and a WW question from Voice of Reason

Please join me in welcoming back Voice of Reason! It’s been awhile, but this couldn’t come at a better time because I have nothing good to report. Being sick last week negated all plans I had to be good and be active.

This post gets long, but I did some research and answer her questions to the best of my ability below.

Yeah, I know that I’ve been absent.  I certainly didn’t mean to.

Unfortunately, I did not meet my Labor Day goal. I came about 6 pounds short of meeting it. Hmph.

Looking back, I gave in a little too much on some of the fun events that were on my summer schedule. I don’t really regret the indulgences … just finding it a little bit harder to get back “on track”. It certainly doesn’t help that I’ve also been slacking on the exercise too.

Sounds so…. cliché. Blech!

Right now, I am trying to get back to the average of losing a pound per week. I haven’t put a date on achieving this. Perhaps I ought to…

My birthday is roughly six weeks away. I am going to try to hit my original Labor Day goal by my birthday.  There are some definite challenges within that time frame (Boston, birthday parties, wine tasting trip, and anniversary).  A bit “scary” but definitely doable…

On a slight different note…

For those of you who follow a specified plan such as Weight Watchers, do you feel a little bit annoyed in having to guess the points of a food item (or even activity points)? I almost find myself a little bit anxious sometimes. For instance, my hubby was nice enough to arrange for light Mike’s Hard Lemonade at a recent party. I didn’t partake for I didn’t know how much the way of points. You can’t go by what the label says on the alcoholic drinks…. Something about the alcohol becoming a sugar. Anyways, I found myself not wanting to drink one since it was ambiguous on how many points it is. I wanted to save points for the awesome birthday cake. (I mean, hello? Cake!) Although the online table is helpful, it doesn’t cover everything.

Is it just me?

Personally, it doesn’t generally bother me about the point values possibly being off. If it’s just one beer or glass of wine then I’ve likely earned the points for it or have enough bonus points to cover most things. If it’s more than that, it’s likely my cheat day anyway! I used my Google-fu and found this helpful link that offers comparisons between some favorites and that she’s not alone in her frustration. That link also references this Wiki link which may provide helpful information. (Let me know if you can’t access the links and I’ll email you the info.)

I found this information about Activity Points: (my notes in italics)

How do I determine the intensity level of my activity?
“Intensity” is relative; the same activity may require more effort from a new exerciser than it does from somebody who has been exercising regularly for a while. Generally speaking, your perceived rate of exertion is a pretty accurate measure of intensity level. Here are some additional guidelines to follow to help you determine your level of intensity:

  1. Your intensity level is low if you can talk and sing, your breathing is regular and you’re not sweating. (A decent warm up pace)
  2. Your intensity level is moderate if you can talk but can’t sing; your breathing is frequent and deep, and you begin sweating after 10 minutes. (This is where I target mostly with intervals of high intensity for short times.)
  3. Your intensity level is high if you can talk briefly but can’t sing, your breathing is rapid and deep, and you begin sweating after 3-5 minutes. (I generally only get here for short amounts of time.)

While it’s based on your weight, but it seems that for me the following looks to be true:

activity points

So there you have it best I can tell. I’m not a pro, I’m just trying.

*NOTE: Weight Watchers has not paid for this post. Voice of Reason and I are paying for it ourselves. If they’d like to strike a Jessica Simpson deal, I’m available to chat. (bakinginmybathingsuit(at)gmail[dot]com)*


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One Response to Guest Post – Getting back on track and a WW question from Voice of Reason

  1. “I’m not a pro, I’m just trying.”

    Well, I think you’re doing great!

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