Thrusday Three – Childhood Maladies I’m sick of getting!

I’ve had an ear/jaw ache for a little over a week now and sinus problems going back before the PwaJ. Yesterday I was sitting here, minding my own business doing some work when it felt like someone stuck a hot poker in my ear.

I took some more Advil and told myself if it still hurt I’d go to the docs today. Last night while demonstrating a surface dive in five and a half feet of water, the silly ear hurt more. (I can usually handle about 12-14 feet with no problem.)

I went to the doctor today. Two ear infections (one with a small tear in the ear drum – hence the searing pain) and a sinus infection.

I’m kind of sick of ear infections. I get them once or twice a year…don’t people grow out of them as kids?

I was thinking about other “kid” illnesses that I’m still prone to (and sick of!) here are three of them:

  1. Ear infections. (Otitis Media) Seriously? BE GONE! I’m [insert age well into adulthood here] and so over getting them.
  2. Pink Eye. (Conjunctivitis) Knock on wood it’s been about a year, but this childhood malady needs to by the way of the T-Rex.
  3. Coxsackievirus. (HFMD) This one really sucks as a grown up and apparently it can lay dormant in your system for a long time. I haven’t gotten this one on my hands or feet in a long time – the eczema is bad enough thankyouverymuch, but the fever blisters in the mouth blow the goat.

Ok I’m done whining now. I’m going to take more Advil, drink some tea and have soup for lunch.

What childhood illnesses do you wish would leave you alone? Alternately, which ones do you not miss?

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3 Responses to Thrusday Three – Childhood Maladies I’m sick of getting!

  1. Sue says:

    My little cousin just got Coxackievirus. His older brother never had it, and his mom was not prepared for how painful it would be for the 2 YO.

    I got ear infections a lot as a kid. Almost needed tubes. Then, they stopped when I was about 6. Last year, I got two. This after several years in a row when I got bronchitis in the fall. Now it seems I get ear infections. I know I have one now that wants to start – I avoided infection last week, but I just know it’s coming. Late September – Early October is my sweet-spot.

    I’ve never had pink eye (*knocks on wood*). However, last year, my allergies got so bad in my eye that my whole eye turned this awful shade of red, and I thought I was going blind. Or more likely, had been invaded by an alien. Dr thought it was allergies, prescribed a drop. Nothing. Ended up at an eye doctor and like $200 later, found out I had a staph infection in my eye. My eye had swollen to the point where bacteria on the inside of my eyelid had infected my eye.

    That’s right. I’m allergic to my own damn eye! It took a few weeks of a drop that was a combination of steroid and antibiotics to fix the problem.

  2. Oh man, you poor thing! Feel better soon! xoxoxo

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