WW Check in #14 – And so it goes

ww091712I’ll be honest, I didn’t do as good of a job as I could have this week, but it’s ok, it’s behind me now. This week can be better.

I kept my food reasonable during the week and did ok over the weekend. (I didn’t even venture into bonus points 4 out of the 7 days) I didn’t drink all the water I should have, but that’s an on going battle with me and my hatred of the stuff. I did drink sugar free lemonade and tea though which is a start, right? I’ll try to get some limes for this week to see if that helps.

It was the activity that got me this week and it will be my focus for this coming week.

Here’s what I wanted my activity to look like last week with notes on how it went.

Monday: Easy treadmill time (1 mile plus walking before/after) two private swim lessons to teach and 500-700 yards in the pool. Treadmill time was good to go. I was pleased even though I forgot my earphones. Swimming after didn’t happen, but the two lessons I taught were much more intensive than I thought.

Tuesday: Easy treadmill time (1.25 miles plus walking before/after), dance class Dance class was good! I skipped the treadmill for talking to MJ because he needed my ears more than I needed to workout. People matter.

Wednesday: Teach, 20 min to swim, teach again. My first class was mentally difficult, but I did get 850 yards in between classes. My adult class that I teach is quite physically demanding though. More so than I thought.

Thursday: Yoga. Initially I was to do 25 min on treadmill (5 min warm up, 2 min slow, 90 seconds faster, repeat 5 times with 60 seconds of polymetrics in between and cool down). Neither this or Yoga happened. I was totally zonked and worked on some ongoing projects around the house instead.

Friday: This was supposed to be Yoga, but instead I needed to pick up a birthday present for Saturday and went to a friends for dinner. I wandered around some stores, found some goodies though so there was walking and dodging other people’s carts at Marshalls, that counts for something, right?

Saturday:  Swim lessons. If I’m up for it after, I’ll swim. Pool closed due to power outage. I did play on the swings with Em and run around with Little One for a bit at the birthday party.

Sunday: Frank is running a half marathon from what I understand. I’ll go watch and walk around for a while. This was good.

Truth be told I’m not sure what this week will look like. I’m aiming for 30 min of something almost every day. I’ll keep you posted. My main goal for this week is to do just a little bit better than last week.



About Court

I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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3 Responses to WW Check in #14 – And so it goes

  1. Emmy's Mama says:

    Whatever you do this week will be more than I plan to do 🙂 You look great, my love. Just eat things that make you feel great inside, and do things that make you feel great, too. I love you lots.

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