Today I celebrate

282527_933729346902_16113675_42215170_7558643_aFrom a previous blog post from last year.

I’m not sure why people need to be reminded never to forget, because those images are burned into my memory. I’ll never forget where I was or the days, weeks, months after that as we all dealt with the aftermath of some shit head’s decision to make a point.

What I will continue to do though is be thankful that I wasn’t directly affected that day. That I was incredibly lucky not to have lost anyone to the tragedy.

I will be thankful to the troops who continue to serve and all those who were affected to grieve however they find fitting.

I will say happy birthday to friends whose day was scarred and wish them lots of tasty beer and scantily clad women with questionable morals.

I will do my laundry and clean my apartment as a testament that life does in fact go on.

I will worry about The Bro and others who are serving active duty until they are home on American soil.

I will crochet, bake, nap and maybe even do some yoga today.

I will be sad that family and friends have lost, but I would be sad for them regardless of how they lost.

I will continue to live my life as a fuck you to the shit heads in the world who want to see America fall.

I will not give in.

You might wonder why I’m sharing a picture of me on a pole, suspended in midair with my legs crossed in front of me. Well, I share that because I can. They might have tried, but they did not take our lives away. They just changed them. We get to choose if we allow that. I’m choosing not to. [Photo not included today]

What do you choose?

While today looks a little differently than last year, I will continue to live my life as a giant f* you to the people in this world who hate our freedoms.

Instead I will celebrate. I will celebrate my freedoms, the lives that were lost and the people who have and continue to fight to keep it this way.

Today I celebrate Life, Love, and the Liberties we are afforded in this country. Will you join me? What do you celebrate?

***In a bit of normalcy, come back later to see what’s in my pretty new green bag. Oh yeah, it’s one of those fluffy posts.***


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I spend a lot of time on the pool deck and making treats in my kitchen amongst other things.
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5 Responses to Today I celebrate

  1. Sue says:

    Love this.

    I’m celebrating the fact that I went to the gym last night.

    [Now] I’m celebrating the fact that the VP just left me in peace and quiet for the afternoon.

    I’m celebrating the fact that my good friend, who thought all her treatment options were exhausted, found out last night that her Cancer treatment team has a newly FDA approved drug shown to have positive results on her particular Cancer. The treatment is expensive and not yet covered by insurance, and Roswell is going to cover it in full for her.

    I’m beyond excited. My friend is lovely and warm and caring and smart and too beautiful to be lost too soon.

    So I guess that means I’m celebrating life. 🙂

  2. Robin says:

    Today I celebrate my freedom, I celebrate being a woman who is not oppressed, I celebrate the military and all those currently fighting to protect my freedom…(thanks Ella’s bro), I celebrate my son’s birthday this week, and I celebrate my friends – old and new – and I celebrate new beginnings – Where’s my champagne ???

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