My favorite was purple and teal with teal leggings…

Not to worry, I have some very special WTF photos of the shoe variety to share later, but what I want to talk about this morning is back to school fashion.

Not what’s currently out there for kids, I have no idea. Let’s talk about YOUR back to school fashion. Like when YOU were in grade school or high school.

Back to school clothes were a fresh start for a new year. I loved picking out just what I wanted to wear to brave that first day back. The right outfit has always made me feel more confident, relaxed and adds a little pep to my step.

I still more than fondly recall one of my favorite outfits from fourth grade. Sigh. Purple and teal long sleeve shirt with some sort of black writing on down the middle, teal leggings, black loafers. Fashion palate I tell you.

I think I also had bangs, but I’d have to look for photos to verify that. (If only I had photos. I would share.) The glasses and braces didn’t come til 5th and 7th grade.

(Man I really loved that outfit.)

8th or 9th grade brought the next outfit I clearly remember that I loved. Plaid green and blue mini skirt (school girl style), white oxford shirt, zippy jacket to match the skirt and chunky black shoes. I felt cute and trendy and ready to face the new year.

Unfortunately, the skirt quickly became a little too short when my developing hips and tush got too big to wear it.

I continued to wear that zippy jacket though.

Although I no longer have a back to school outfit, I do like to wear something snazzy the first day back at the end of the summer. Yesterday was a red sweater, light brown slacks with a slight pin stripe and shiny taupe ballet flats. Not going to lie, I felt cute, put together and with a little more pep in my step. A little eye makeup and some tinted lip gloss I was ready to face the first day of Fall.

(I’m also going to try to be more put together for the fall and winter. Let me know if you want to see a photo montage of my outfits that might be hit or miss.)

Now that I’ve shared my favorite outfits from school, let’s hear about yours. What was your favorite grade school back to school outfit? Do you have a back to work outfit you wear after vacation? How about at the end of the summer?


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2 Responses to My favorite was purple and teal with teal leggings…

  1. Sue says:

    As long as I’m not running behind in the morning, I do try to put together a good outfit everyday. Somedays are better than others. No one set outfit.

    But when I was in school, I never missed. It took me a good 2 hours to get ready in the morning, largely because I was choosing an outfit. Some of my favorites would be pink leggings and a long, pink shirt with gray paisleys (7th grade was a pink phase). I believe 5th grade was the jeans with the pink pinstripes and a pink shirt with a very faint navy pinstripe (they coordinated well).

    My big thing was always wanting to wear sweaters and cords and jeans because that’s what I had new – and the stupid weather never cooperating.

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